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South Facing House Vastu – The Tips, Rules and Guidelines

South Facing House Vastu – The Tips, Rules and Guidelines :-

It is an undeniable fact that South direction is not very favorable while it is also  true that South is also beneficial in many respects. The word Dakshin (South) means the direction which gradually weakens an individual.  After an intensive research it has become evident that in a vastu with South or South West (Nairutya) entrance, the initial period of five years from the time of completion is of extra ordinary growth in the form of easy money. The flow of wealth may be even through unethical means.  The next three years is a period of stagnation. There is neither growth nor decline in the financial conditions. Moreover, this phase also features an increase in wasteful expenditure. But in the subsequent four years, commencing from the eighth year there will be financial losses, down slide in personal life and career.  In short, the peculiar feature of the South direction is that at one point of time it will confer unlimited benefits while in a later phase it drains out all the wealth and status. This is the direction where during the period of prosperity a person attains great heights but at a later stage, the individual can even become a pauper.  In essence, an individual may crash from riches to rags due to the influence of this direction.


Use of the South direction for the purpose of the bedroom of the head of the family and for storage of heavy items in a residential vastu is advantageous.  The height and thickness of the wall in the South direction should be more in comparison with the other directions.  This direction should have least number of doors and windows.  The quantum and intensity of the infra red rays radiating from the setting sun is very harmful.  The penetration of these rays is higher in the South West and South direction.  It is therefore ideal if this region is properly enclosed to give protection from these harmful rays.  There should be no slope, trench, well or underground water storage in this direction.  Otherwise it gives rise to severe vastu defects and its impact on human life is quite grave.  It can even lead to sabotage, accidents or untimely death.  Financial loss, blockages, indebtedness and other crisis may occur due to vastu defects in the South direction.


After analyzing all the above factors, it can be firmly stated that one need not have severe apprehension about the South direction.  This direction has many positive aspects as well.  In a house with South entrance, if the head and the mistress of the family have proper co-ordination and manage the flow of wealth suitably, then the impact during unfavorable times can be greatly minimized.  This can result in harmony and happiness in life.  Moreover, by selecting a favorable business, one can ensure good profits and minimize the adverse impacts.

Location of well, toilet or septic tank or more slope in the South than South East, North West, East, North or North East, may result in many adverse consequences like  quarrels, disease, enmity, indebtedness, surgery, cancer, ailment of blood or accident from weapons.  If the South direction is elevated than North, East, North East it will confer dwelling, land and success in politics.

Effects of South Direction :

  1. Elevation in the South direction confers beneficial results.
  2. A higher wall in the South side is positive.
  3. Water storage in overhead tank or at an elevation in the south is favorable and underground water storage is inauspicious.
  4. An entrance in the South of South East brings favorable results.
  5. Stair case in the South is auspicious.
  6. Construction of a floor bordering the wall in the South side is auspicious.
  7. Location of electric motor, transformer in South is negative while it is positive if located in the South East.
  8. In industrial establishments it is beneficial to have parking arrangements for heavy vehicles in the South.
  9. Lesser height or slope in the South direction in relation to the South West is beneficial.
  10. High doors or elevated steps in the South are extremely positive.
  11. Construction in the South at a lower level than the street is inauspicious.
  12. During distribution of property, retention of the North side is favorable for the spiritual, mental and academic progress while it is negative in other aspects.
  13. While distributing property, the portion in the South should be given to the elder brother and that in the North should be given to younger brother.
  14. Slope of the house in the South direction causes fear of losses or instability.
  15. Placement of garbage bin in the South can be considered as a second best alternative.
  16. Toilet in the South is inauspicious.
  17. A pond or well in the South direction is inauspicious. It can lead to heavy losses or instability.
  18. Flow of waste-water from the South results in lot of obstacles.
  19. Entrance in the South facing South East (Aagneya) can result in hazards due to fire.
  20. A Verandah in the South can result in quarrels between husband and wife.
  21. A slope or lesser height of the roof in the South confers inauspicious results.
  22. Location of basement in the South can result in a series of troubles in the family.
  23. It is very painful to have a street or T junction in the South direction.
  24. It is inauspicious if the South direction is elevated than the South West.
  25. A septic tank in the South is very inauspicious.
  26. A dining hall in the South causes financial loss and wasteful expenditure.
  27. A kitchen in the South results in obscurity.
  28. It is inauspicious to construct a house in the South at a level higher than the road.
  29. It is inauspicious to rent the Vastu which is in the South direction. The tenant settles down and becomes arrogant and dominating.

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