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Why Top Leaders Face Criticism/Allegations?

  • It is very obvious for all the top leaders and politicians to face allegations, criticism and defamation. Though the same is considered to be a part and parcel of the political career, the same is definitely related to your destiny, karma and VASTUSHASTRA.
  • Destiny is a pre-set program which every individual carries when he enters this mortal world. However this destiny is also based on the pluses and minuses of karma in ones previous life.
  • However VASTU is a part that is definitely within our reach and grasp. We can alternate the rate of progress and/or we can reduce the intensity of the problems if there are any.
  • Most peculiar aspect of Politics is the rat race. Here everyone tries to arrest the growth/progress of everyone else in sight. Everyone tries to go ahead of others.

Smooth sailing and success in Politics can be ensured by following the below mentioned rules of Vastushastra:

EAST entrance of residence and office. This is highly influential in achieving leadership success.

  • SOUTH WEST master Bedroom at residence and Main Cabin at office. This ensures stability with sustained growth.
  • Balancing of fire element through the Kitchen of the residence and pantry as well as electrical gadgets in office. This can accelerate growth and success.
  • NORTH WEST is the region of AIR element. This is mainly responsible for communication, harmony and relationship. This direction and its vastu balancing is highly important for Politicians. If there are MULTIPLE VASTU DEFECTS in the NORTH WEST region of your Vastu or there are repeated vastu defects of the same kind in multiple properties that are owned, these are likely to intensify the gravity of the problems.
  • The more you are on a higher post, there is more success and power you hold. However the same thing makes it obvious that negative impacts of jealousy and the ill effects of Vastu-doshas in the NORTH WEST affect you quite badly. These also make you to face more and more allegations of scandals, criticism for wrong-doings and favoritism.
  • Similarly the Vastu-defects in the NORTH WEST are also responsible for financial scandals, allegations of misappropriation, police cases and legal tangles.
  • For all such problems, there are effective and long lasting solutions. For these solutions it is essential to carry out the complete VASTU ANALYSIS and EVALUATION of residential, commercial and other properties to checkmate the unpleasant situations of allegations and defamation.

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