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Why all Sports Bodies face problems?

  • It has been observed for many years. Invariably every President of the BCCI or the President of the Selection Committee has to face charges about irregularities, malpractices, favoritism, and misuse of power.
  • All these aspects have a sure and absolute connection with the VASTUSHASTRA.
  • Defamation or criticism comes mainly due to the Vastu defects in the NORTH WEST directions of the person responsible for main office. This direction is mainly responsible for the harmony, relationships and power coordination amongst the people working in that particular organization or office.
  • Multiple Vastu defects in the NORTH WEST region of the Offices of such organizations lead to pulling of legs within the occupants of the higher seats. The financial transactions in such caces lead to Police or Legal consequences.
  • In addition to this the seating arrangement (CABIN) of the Chief of any Organization must be in the SOUTH WEST. If this is not so due to any reason, it reflects in to the instability. If the same is situated in the NORTH WEST region of the office, it will definitely lead to instability and controversies in the organization.
  • In the case of the Indian Hockey Federation, which has been in a continually dark shade, apart from the policy and strategy matters the VASTU of the organization is definitely going to be a supporting factor which will definitely contribute to the improvement of performance and the results.
  • The same holds good for the Ministry of Sports, Government of India.
  • An example I would like to share is that of a Municipal Corporation Swimming Pool. The Municipal Corporation was developing a swimming pool along with some other sports training facilities. When I saw the project planning I found that the Main building and the swimming pool were just at the opposite ends where they were supposed to be.

My forecast was that this project will be delayed and there would be enormous unnecessary expenditure involved apart from heavy overhead charges.

The project took 7 years for completion against 3 years and the situation is that the whole investment is considered to be a dead investment as it is. According to the Vastushastra of a Stadium, the practice tracks etc. also can influence the performance of the players.

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