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What are Yantras (Spiritual Device)

Yantra means a spiritual device which helps to converge the divine energy of a deity in a particular place. In other words, we can describe the same as the power centre of a particular deity. There exists various types yantras based on the different aspects of the Divine manifestation. Each Yantra is a special type of energy circuit. A yantra is also a unique tool used to acquire the special grace of a particular deity.

Scientifically, a yantra can be described as a circuit capable of producing specific energy fields. Yantras generate energy while pyramids absorb and attract the cosmic energy from the universe. Each yantra has a specific design comprising of Triangles, Squares, Petals, specific words or syllable, spiritual rhymes. Thus every yantra is a unique energy generator with a specific energy circuit. The composition of each yantra and the powers of the yantras is a very intricate subject. To penetrate into this subject is beyond the scope of our lesson. However, we are acquainting with the use of various commonly used yantras, their relevance and their role in eradication of vastu deficiencies.

The composition of the yantra, the various procedures involved, the auspicious time in which it is sanctified, the process of purification, infusing of cosmic energy and other factors are very relevant in this science. It should be noted that a yantra simply cannot be purchased from a market or religious place and placed in the prayer room to confer the desired benefits. On the contrary, it is very essential to consult an expert in the subject for proper installation so as to achieve the required objectives.

It is very important that worship of the yantras is done regularly through lighting of incence sticks, lamps, chanting of sacred hymns, prayers, performance of havans etc.  depending upon the availability of time and individual preferences. A mobile phone will not render services unless a sim card is duly loaded in it. Similarly, a yantra will not confer the benefits unless it is properly installed with due rituals (pran pratishtha) and sanctified in a correct manner. Depending on the availability of time and individual preferences, the worship of the yantras can be done through prayers, divine chantings,  consecration, havans – sacrificial rituals etc. This will ensure that the yantras confer the intended benefits.

As per the scriptures, yantra is placed in the prayer room in the north east direction  (Ishanya) facing the roof (sky). Due to space constraints, if it is not possible to place in this direction, the same can be placed as a photoframe on the wall.

Any yantra which is sanctified and consecrated in this manner, will continue to yield beneficial effects. However, we have to observe certain disciplines in the use of yantras. If any syllables or design in the yantra is worn out or damaged in any manner, the same should not be used and it is necessary to immerse such yantras immediately.

A yantra is usually designed on paper, leaf (bhojpatra), cloth or metals like copper which is effective and affordable for the common people. Yantras can also be made from silver, gold, crystals or alloy of 5 metals (panch loha) which is very effective in the order of above sequence.

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