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R & D

VERF – Vastushastra  Education Research Foundation[VERF] is an Indian research organization engaged in discovery & development of new products in vastushastra industry , study of Bio-field  viewer technology & survey of premises before & after remedial measures. VERF also offering vastushastra education worldwide through e-learning.

The following points provide a quick glimpse about us.

  • Established in 2005to spearhead R & D activities of Vasturaviraj Group
  • Vasturaviraj Group of companies is India’s largest house in vastushastra consultancy services with a market cap of more than 10 Cr. Plus.
  • Vasturaviraj Group established about 16 year ago as a vastushastra consultancy services  & today it has more than 25000 clients worldwide & having good presence in Asia Pacific countries which is controlled by its Australia registered office based at Sydney in NSW state.
  • Sunraj Manufacturing & Marketing (P) Ltd, a subsidiary of Vasturaviraj became a largest company  in manufacturing of vastushastra products which is Discovered & Developed by VERF.
  • VERF having separate research lab at Naupada, Thane


We offer range of services in Aura Photography to crosscheck Bio-energy field of their premises & personnel as well before & after installation of vastu remedies.


Our Vision To create next generation innovation & research in metaphysical science this creates value for mankind of universe.

Our Mission–

  • To become the leading & most respected research organization from India through the quality of its leadership, services & partnerships in development of vastushastra.
  • To offer optimum support to our Group companies which become  first choice of people globally as concern to vastushastra.
  • To bring India advantage to our clients while maintaining the global quality of services rendered.
  • To address our social responsibility by accelerating product discovery & development in a wide range to nullify Vastu defect.



Vasturaviraj Innovation Research Team (VIRT)Vastushastra Education Research Foundation recognizes the need for out of the box thinking to enable for rapid & cost effective development of products for its valued clients. We take pride in the fact that we go beyond being a service provider & partner with our clients during the entire Aura Photography process. To facilitate this VERF has unique Vasturaviraj Innovation Research Team (VIRT) that can quickly customize, develop & validate models to meet the requirements of clients. The VIRT comprises of talented researchers who take responsibility for development , validation & successful transfer of new models, products & systems to the study teams & further to concern SBU of Vasturaviraj Group for implement.




Biofield Viewer Technology–  In this technology we can identify congested area which may be resulting in your pain & discomfort . The area of well-being are usually shown by a mixture of lighter ,brighter balanced and more harmonious patterns, symmetry & colours. While diseased & stressed areas can show as distorted, darker & congested pools of low energy colors. 

Similarly VIRT is also studying this technology to identify different energy levels & Patterns of premises before & after remedial measures.



At Vasturaviraj:More than twenty thousand scientific research studies on the Vastushastra technique and its advanced practice have been studied. This research has demonstrated profound benefits in all fields of life and throughout society—health, education, Revival of Sick Industries, business potential, criminal rehabilitation and crime reduction, and administration in the direction of world peace. The scientific research on the Vastushastra technique’s and its advance practice programs is the largest and strongest body of research in the India on any program to develop human potential. Studies published in over 100 leading scientific journals have documented that this technology benefits every sphere of life. The findings in each area of study have been replicated many times, and meta-analyses, which are the most quantitatively rigorous means to review a body of research, have found a high degree of consistency of the results.

Revival of sick Industries or commercial units through Indian Vastushastra.
Improving the business potential of all types of business premises.

Benefits for the Individual-Sample Research Findings:

Effects of North-East Vastu defects :

This defect can gave rise to three kinds of bad effects; they are decrease in emoluments, health problems & lot of obstacles in academic growth. We call these effects as EAH effect that means Emoluments, Academic & Health effect. In other words, a fault in North-East direction means it is an effect of EAH these faults can be rectified with the help of remedies and the effects of the defects can be reduced.

Effects of South-East Vastu defects :

South-East (Aagneya) a sub-direction between South & East at 45° basically a region for fire element. This is mainly responsible for accelerating progress. A vastu with SE entrance is known for better financial gain or money-inflow, however SE is a right place for kitchen (fire-element) & entrance in SE indicates Vastu defects. So the financial gains through SE entrance get wasted into unproductive expenses.

Effects of South-West Vastu defects :

South-West is the region of earth element, heaviness and right choice for master bed-room. This region gives confidence, leadership, dominating attitude to the in-charge of house. SW means region of demons, which means maximum resistance and problems which in turn develops attitude of fighting spirit to overcome the problems. Similarly master bedroom in SW with head towards South while sleeping maintains proper blood-pressure, cardiac performance as well as proper digestion. This leads to healthy body and strong mind.

Effects of North-West Vastu defects :

The air element exists in the North-West (Wayavya) direction as the name itself suggests. The importance can be explained with the single fact that we breathe and we cannot live without air. Oxygen is so important to us. The atmosphere in an airy and ventilated house remains clean and fresh. Otherwise the vastu becomes stuffy and the atmosphere becomes very gloomy. This makes the life unbearable. Wind carries smell; it also carries nice refreshing sound waves.Wind means restlessness. This gives a kind of instability to thoughts. The continuously changing thoughts give rise to confusion. This brings disturbance in work and efficiency.

Surveys on:

Happy marital relations Progeny Stability Confidence Decision making & Leadership

Is South entrance Good or Bad :

There is tremendous fear psychosis about South direction but in real sense it is not so, because the benefits and the disadvantages one gets from this direction are of extreme nature, between these two phases there is a phase of stagnation which gives us alarming signals to control ourselves.In case of any vastu with South entrance from the year of completion or ready for occupation. First five years are of extraordinary financial growth in the form of easy money, next three years are of stagnation with neither rise nor fall, but from eight year onwards next four years are of heavy downfall, financial losses 7 shocks, accidents, instability etc.,…..
Generally we all criticize South, due to heavy financial losses it gives us four years in a cycle of twelve years which is repeated again and again. If you plan your investment, control your expenditure & bad habits it is very much possible to save the money which can be well-utilized during the period of crisis.  As a result of which the intensity of crisis can be reduced though it is inevitable. On the other hand the period of stagnation is a period for caution alarm, bur the influence of success and bad habits never makes you alert as a result of it one has to face several crisis, so the South entrance is blessing in disguise South direction is beneficial to some of the commercial activities like business related to ladies garments, gold and jewelry cosmetics, so also luxurious items, electronics appliances, perfumes, lottery, wine shops, beer bar, agents working on commission basis, traders, share brokers etc.,….
Scientific Illustration of Vastushastra:

Long ago the Indian sages defined various aspects, principal and rules of Vastushastra. Many elements in Vastushastra can establish a relationship with scientific facts. However in certain things the scientific base is unfolded Vastushastra is a metaphysical science that means studies associated with science and spiritually. As per this science a certain concepts if not followed properly can prove harmful which is proved in thousands of cases, however its scientific justification is not established. We at Vastushastra Research Foundation are involved in investigating such events. It is an attempt to prove the validity of Vastushastra to the entire world. A particular vastu principle e.g. south entrance is very good and very bad, but one can not prove it scientifically hence we conducted survey of such cases and through thousands of cases we have established link between principles of vastushastra and its impact in today & real life. Science develops through research and analytical study. Scientific research is un-ending process.

Law of energy conservation : the law of energy conservation states that energy  Can neither be created nor be destroyed. It just changes its form. The five elements form the basis of Vastushastra. These five elements that are the earth, the sky, the water, the fire and the air are self existent. No one can create them nor can destroy them. They all exist in a specific proportion come together and an event gets created in the world. Later on, over a period of time they decompose and merge in nature

Human body : Human body is the creation of the five elements of nature. The  Flesh and bones of human body represent the elements of earth. The blood in the human body represent the element of water. Human beings breathe every fraction of seconds & minutes. Breathing means inhalation and exhalation which proves necessity of air element. Every action performed by the human body is creation of energy, which is expressed in calories. This represents the element of fire. Whereas the element of sky exists in the human body in the form of cavities like the cavity of mouth, nose, ears, heart, lung, stomach and intestine. Thus the human body is a creation of the five elements of nature. Every living & non-living being on this earth come from five elements and ultimately vanish into it.

Food chain :Tree develops from seed. A seed when sowed in the soil (an Element of the earth) receives water (an element of water ), the shoot comes out of the seed and gradually they turn into shrub or plant. This green shoot contains chlorophyll which absorbs the ultra violet rays from sun rays (an element of air). They also utilized the nitrogen present in the air. The roots of the tress which are deep rooted in the soil absorb the minerals like phosphate, nitrate etc. and thus the entire process transforms the green shoot into a bush and then to a tree. The trees bear the flowers and fruits and thus human beings get their food. This entire visual process takes place under the sky and the five elements of nature play a very significant role in it. Any element if not available property may disturb the entire process and can affect food supply to every

Water cycle : The element of water is present on the earth in different forms. Due to the heat (element of fire) in the sunrays the water gets vaporized. The soil particles (element of earth) present in the atmosphere are mixed with the vapors and this leads to formation of clouds. The atmospheric temperature and the air pressure results into thundering which in turn results into rains. Thus this entire course of events comprised of five elements of nature and science has approved this.

Combination of elements: The five elements are mixed with each other in our Nature. Their combinations leads to different creations in the world, they grow and later on they die. When it confirm that the five elements exit in the nature it does not imply that the element of fire is in one comer, element of water exists in the second comer and element of fire is in one comer, element of water exists in the second comer and element of air exists in third comer. Rather they are intermixed with each other. Every individual element among five elements of nature keeps around 50% of it within itself and equally distributes the remaining 50% to the remaining four elements of nature. Similarly each element of nature accepts same contents from the remaining four elements and thus fulfills the required proportion.

                                               Earth   +    Fire    +     Water  +   Air  +    Sky

1. The element of Earth          50        +    12.5    +     12.5     +  12.5 +   12.5           =  100

2.  The element of Fire            12.5     +     50      +     12.5     +  12.5 +  12.5            =   100

3.  The element of Water        12.5     +    12.5    +     50        +   12.5 +  12.5            =   100

4.  The element of Air              12.5     +    12.5    +    12.5      +    50  +   12.5           =   100

5.   The element of Sky           12.5     +     12.5   +     12.5     +   12.5 +   50              =   100

                                                100            100            100           100      100

The analysis of soil indicates the presence of moisture (element of Water), heat (element of fire), and composition of atoms and inter atomic space (elements of Air and Sky) and soil itself represents the element of Earth. The human beings, the plants, the animals, all the items and objects used in construction of any premises are composed of five elements. All these elements are totally mixed-up with each other that are the reason for existence of living-organisms on the planet earth.

Spectrophotometric analysis of sunrays: In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton brought to notice that if sun rays pass through a spectrophotometer a band of seven colors along of seven colors along with alpha, beta, gamma, x-rays, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays can be seen. These sunrays are basically in the form of waves. Each color band has a different wave length. These waves travel in a specific rhythmic pattern, and they also have visual shapes. Depending on their shapes and wavelength they get distributed in different angles.

Water stored in an underground tank in the North East receives ultraviolet rays killing all bacteria and purifying it. This ensures good physical health. The morning sunrays bring ultraviolet rays in the house. These rays purify the atmosphere in the house and keep it healthy, light and joyful. If the North-East of the house is kept free and open, if a slope is availed in this direction or the area of the plot is extended in this direction, more sun light, can enter the Vastu assuring more ultraviolet rays. This ensures more purification and thereby more progress.

The soft and mild infrared rays in the morning sun light are beneficial to human life. They are extremely beneficial if they travel in 45 degrees and enter the house from South East i.e., in the kitchen area. They purify the kitchen. And increase the nutritive value of the food. The infrared rays purify the kitchen. The wind blowing from the West-to-east drives away the fumes and smoke generated in the kitchen. A woman feels healthy and cheerful to cook in such a kitchen.
Inclined state of the North-South axis of the Earth-  The north –south axis of the earth is inclined to the east by 23 degrees. According to the Vastushastra, the North- eastern part of each building should be light and open. The southwestern part should be as possible. Our building is just a tiny part of this earth, which is termed as ‘atom’ in the language of science. This principle is followed by keeping the northeastern part the lightest and the southwestern part the heaviest of each building (atom) everywhere on the earth. The earth rotates around itself, and so each building also rotates. So, each building located at a specific place moves forward. But at the same time, another building takes its place, in which the Vastushastra principle is followed and thus the balance of earth is maintained.

Vasturaviraj introducing “Aura Photography”. We are taking 2 types of aura photography -:

  • Human Aura
  • Vastu Aura

What is Aura -: Aura is an energy field in and around us . While some of the clairvoyants can see this energy field with their mind’s eye , most of us can see a halo of light around certain plants , the moon or the sun . It is often capture by digital camera . Every living and non living object has an energy field around called auric field . At subconscious level , we are all in touch with our own auric fields or energy fields as well as that of others . our physical body is soaked in auric field like piece of sponge soaked in a container full of water .

Everything in the universe seems to be just a vibration . every atom , every part of an atom . Every elementary “particle”, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations . Hence , we may define the Aura as a electro-photonic vibration response of an object to some external excitation .

One needs to understand aura -:

  • To understand the core thought processes
  • To understand strengths and weaknesses of an individual
  • To assess pre & post therapeutic changes and effect of energy therapy on an individual
  • Space energy management , vastu shastra , feng shui , shankh vastu etc.
  • To understand relationships
  • To find a right partner
  • To find a right employee or boss to work with .

Following are the pictures of some vastu and some person where we have checked the effects of our remedies like some yantas , mantras crystals or pyramids with the help of Aura software. Following are the pictures which our research team converted with the help of aura software. You can see tremendous +ve changes in energy or aura levels of vastu as well as persons also .


Vastu Aura 

House 1






House 2

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Human Aura

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Slide207 Slide209 Slide208



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