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Vastushastra of Petrol Pumps

  • With the increasing number of automobiles on the road, the requirement for petrol-diesel outlets is also growing proportionately.
  • The best entrance for the petrol retail outlet should be south of southeast with the exit from the northwest.
  • Underground petrol and diesel tanks should be placed in the southeast as first choice and northeast as second choice.
  • However, there must be an underground water tank in the northeast.
  • Toilet block, retail shop, cafeteria or other commercial activities should be planned in the northwest and southwest.
  • The petrol pump office should be in the southwest region of the entire plot.
  • The interior layout of the office can easily be planned as per Vasushastra.
  • We have come across many retail outlets with fuel storage tanks in the centre or southwest or northwest region creating serious problems for business.
  • Many retail outlets have been planned as per vastushastra as a result of which there is high business success ratio.
  • Incase of existing retail outlets, where in any structural change is difficult, such cases also can be successfully dealt with the help of remedial measures.
  • In order to sustain in the competitive market, we strongly recommend all oil companies should ensure planning and designing of such fuel retail outlets totally as per Vastushastra so as to score over rival competitors.

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