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Vastushastra of Hotel

  • A general tea stall, refreshment hotel, Lunch Home or General Lodge falls in the Category of most essential services.  So it is beneficial to have their entrance from one of the five auspicious directions and preferably in north to east.
  • All other kinds of hotels like Family Restaurants permit rooms, 3-5-7 Star Hotels etc. fall in the category of luxury.  Their entrance should be in the south or southwest direction.
  • The Reception, information desk, VIP Lounge, Open passage, waiting lobby, Swimming Pool, Underground Water Tank, Cafeteria, Garden Restaurant, Open Lawn, Special Rooms, Special Suites and lift should be in northeast to ensure light weight and more open space in this region.
  • In the southeast direction there should be kitchen, centralized air conditioning system, electric main switch, transformer, heaters geysers, boilers and gas cylinders.  The arrangement for different kinds of restaurants, a kitchen or pantry on each floor in a big hotel, staff quarters, parking and storage if necessary should be made in this direction.  This direction should accommodate many rooms and as many persons as possible.
  • In the South West direction, there should be customer service, Office of the main Officer or top Management, the building with maximum number of floors, stair case, overhead tank, maximum storage, maximum rooms and an arrangement to accommodate as many customers as possible.
  • In the North West direction there should be an arrangement of following items according to the availability of space and floor, cleaning arrangement, room service, toilet blocks, telephone and other communication system, shops for various items, display of special items of a hotel & services, gymnasium, Club House, entertainment, Conference Hall, Buffet or banquet, laundry, Marketing Department, Storage, Stair Case, Sewage System etc.
  • At the time of setting up of a hotel it is beneficial to plan the basic aspects of a hotel from the vastushastra point of view – e.g. selection of plot, shape, roads around the plot, compound gate, position of building within the plot, water system, electrical system, entrance, prayer room etc.
  • In the hotel industry, the location of the different types of services to be provided can be decided with its particular connection to the specific element in vastushastra.
  • ATM facility should be located in the north.
  • Cyber café, shops dealing in luxurious or costly items & attractive items should be in northwest.
  • The main parking arrangement should be in northwest direction.
  • One of the signboards of the hotel should be in the northwest while the second board should be in the southwest.
  • The storage of cooking gas cylinders should be in the southeast direction.
  • The centralized air conditioning arrangement should be made in southeast direction only.

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