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Vastushastra in Wealth Management

Everybody in this physical world is crazy about getting money and becoming wealthier day by day. Whenever anybody approaches us with their problems, the first and foremost question is – how can we get more money? In this case we check Vastu premises, suggest appropriate remedies, which definitely help to solve their problems and they definitely start getting grand money. However after some time, they again approach us with a second more serious problem and that is – stabilise this wealth. How can it last longer and how can it be multiplied? The answer to this problem is very simple. One must respect and worship Lord-Kubera, the deity of Wealth Management, who take care of God’s wealth. In today’s corporate language he is considered as finance director of Universe Inc. For wealth stabilisation one should place their treasury in South-West as the first best option and North on second option, in such a manner that when it opens, it should face North, East, North or East. Worshipping Lord Kubera either in idol or in Yantra form also helps a lot. Lord Kubera’s mantra with its yantra helps a lot in stabilisation of wealth.

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