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Vastushastra for Happy Married Life

Marriages are made in heaven but Vastushastra helps for longer lasting relationship of                           married couple


  1. According to Vastushastra, a bedroom should always be in Southwest or South direction
  2. The bed should not be a metal or a wrought iron, use a wooden bed to ease any tension between partners. Also it should be rectangular or square in shape
  3. Use single mattress on double bed.Bed sheet should be pink, lilac,purple or light orange in colour.Dark red or Black colour should be avoid
  4. Walls of bedroom should be also in light colour like bed sheet
  5. Couple should always keep their heads towards South that flows positive energy from the North can easily enter their body affecting sleep.
  6. The wife should always sleep on the left side of the bed & husband on right side this will ensure a smooth & loving relationship
  7. Keep two red or pink colour fresh flowers in the bedroom
  8. Place marriage photo of couple in Southwest direction
  9. Display Vasturaviraj swan pair photo frame in bedroom to improve & nurture love & mutual understanding. This pair of swan always keep commitment with same partner, it helps to enjoys & live life with same partner
  10. Use Vasturaviraj crystal pyramid harmony set to harmonize & stabilize the relationship between married couple

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