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Vastushastra for Retail Outlets

The business scope of the retail outlets have grown tremendously over the years. These ensure branding as well as promotion of the products and thus bring huge benefits to the company.

Before talking about the VASTUSHASTRA for the retail outlets it is important to discuss about the VASTUSHASTRA of a shopping mall. This topic will be taken up shortly in a subsequent article in all the details.

In case of Retail Outlet, the main entrance door and the nature of products to be sold or promoted are related. So the BEST five entrances for all types of products are NORTH, NORTHEAST, EAST, SOUTH of SOUTHEAST and WEST or NORTHWEST.

However, for certain products like water based ones, educational and spiritual products and services, kid’s products and textiles, the NORTHEAST entrance is excellent and auspicious.

For all female/ladies oriented products, diamond jewelry, fire based products the SOUTH EAST entrance is auspicious. For all types of ladies oriented products and luxury products, shirting, suiting, construction related products, heavy machinery etc, the the SOUTH WEST entrance can be considered auspicious.    For all types of aerosols, perfumes, telecom products, self promotion products and services, stationary products etc the NORTH WEST entrance is very auspicious. In case of NORTHWEST, white, black, blue and gray are the best options for color.

At the entrance lobby and the reception, there should be some water fountains and aquarium etc. Light weight materials and decorative items should be placed along with symbolic presence of Go. All the water based products should be placed in the NORTHEAST region. The best color for this region is any one of the white, ivory, or green and gray.

In case of the SOUTHEAST, all your AC systems, electrical gadgets and feminine products or anything that relates to the fire element should be stored here. Similarly SOUTHEAST should be made the 2nd heaviest after SOUTHWEST. In SOUTHWEST region, you can have maximum heaviness and all heavy products and products for men could be stored here.

The sitting position of the owner or the in charge of the shop along with cash collection counter and placement of the treasury opening should be organized towards NORTHEAST. This would be highly effective and beneficial. Any color shade associated with RED is best in the SOUTHWEST.

In the NORTHWEST we should have a plan for display of all products and services. Similarly products on higher promotion in hand, products with slow movement and products ensuring higher profit margin should definitely find the best place in NORTHWEST.

The arrangements at the Retail Outlet should be arranged in such a way that the central region should be ensured FREE and WEIGHTLESS. There are so many things which may vary from product to product. For example, if a chain of shops selling all types of watches and all ladies diamond studded watches can be placed in the SOUTHEAST and the costliest products and male watches in the SOUTHWEST.

In fact for all such chains of retail outlets, you can select the shop and can have interior designed as per VASTU depending on the nature of your vastu. Even with all these steps which are already in existence some of the outlets are not performing as per expectations of the market potential. These outlets can also be corrected through the remedial measures of the ancient VASTUSHASTRA and bring desired results.

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