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Vastushastra for Garment Shops


There are various types of cloth shops.  In the category of gents clothes there are shops dealing in suiting, shirting, daily wear, ready made shirts and trousers.  The same is the case with Children’s clothes.  In case of garments pertaining to women there are a variety of shops dealing in saris, ready made dresses, wedding apparel, dress materials etc. Depending upon the category of the cloth viz. luxury or necessary items and based on the classification of men, women and children wear the structural designing will be different as per Vastushastra principles.

  • The entry for shops dealing in daily wear clothes of gents and children should be in any of the auspicious entrances.
  • The entrance for ladies clothing shops can be in south, southeast or southwest.
  • In these shops the northeast part should be open, light and with arrangements for God’s shrine and water.
  • The core centre or ‘brahmasthan’ should be completely open.
  • The owner and sales persons at the counters should face east-north direction and the customers should face south-west.
  • The treasury box and the chair of the owner should be in the southwest direction and facing the northeast direction.
  • The stock of extra or additional items should be in the southwest portion.
  • The main switch and the air conditioning system should be in the southeast.
  • An entrance from south or southeast will be beneficial for the cloth shops dealing in high quality or luxurious types of cloth.
  • Clothes with white and green colour should be prominently kept in east and north direction.
  • In the north to west direction shades of white, blue, black and grey should find prominence.
  • Vastushastra expects that clothes with different shades of red colour will find prominence in West to Southeast.
  • Mezannine or upper floor should be constructed preferably in southwest direction or in the southeast or northwest direction.
  • Staircase should be in the southwest or northwest direction.

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