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Vastushastra for Bureaucrat and Businessman.


Knowledge, perseverance, sincerity and luck are the four important attributes that contribute to success in any field.  However, on analyzing thousands of residential and commercial premises, I am of the strong opinion that in addition to these four qualities, the fifth most important aspect is Vastushastra.  In spite of possessing these four attributes many people have not been able to attain success or their achievements are not commensurate with their potentialities.  The number of such people is large.  Many monopoly or import substitute Units with tremendous business potential have literally failed due to fundamental Vastu defects.  But on the rectification of these vastu problems, the same units or individuals have attained remarkable success.  I have encountered numerous such cases.

The above five attributes have thus been playing a vital role in the ultimate success of an individual or a unit.  Vastushastra of both the residential and the commercial premises have equal importance.  The residential vastu provides the basic foundation for success by conferring a healthy body and strong mind to the individual.   This enables the individual to take appropriate decisions and lead the enterprise to greater heights.  Thus vastushastra helps in enhancing the progress of the business.

In the present times, due to severe competition it is difficult to survive in business and still more challenging to succeed.  Even a minor decision can have serious repercussions.  We can imagine how tough it will be to take decisive resolutions and implement far reaching changes.  Therefore, to ensure success in business, an entrepreneur must have supreme self confidence, firm leadership qualities, excellent communication skills, patience, foresight, constantly expanding public relations, ability to optimize the  use of limited resources,  practical view of the financial and  other factors, endurance, capacity to bear any calamity and a sense of dynamism.  I am not an expert in business management but I have drawn certain conclusions on my own based on the analysis of thousands of residences and work places of entrepreneurs or business managers.

To start with, the bedroom of the entrepreneur or manager must be in the southwest of the house and this direction should not have any vastu defects.   Southwest is the position of the earth element.  It is the sign of demonic element providing the strength to sustain any adversities, while the earth element gives confidence, leadership, the will to dominate and stability.   Our body synchronizes fully with the magnetic force of the earth which helps to stabilize the blood pressure and tones up the digestive system.  Thus the bedroom in the southwest contributes to the proper health of a person.  Therefore, it is imperative that to attain success in business or industry a person should have the bedroom in the southwest direction.  It is not only the bedroom but also the workplace or office which should be located in the southwest.  This will automatically enhance the confidence, decisiveness, leadership qualities and stability in the personality which is so vital for succeeding in business.  However, at times, due to the nature of work, frequent tours etc. it may not always be possible to have the use of the southwest master bedroom or the location of the bedroom may be in a direction other than the southwest.  This is likely to create a lot of obstacles on the path to success or others may enjoy the fruits of one’s efforts.  But if corrective measures are taken in time, then the adverse effects of this defect can be neutralized and the ascending graph to success can be restored.  Use of special pyramids and yantras are extremely beneficial in this regard.

Secondly, the directions of the east, north and northeast confer a person with the qualities of impressive communication skills, poise and foresight.  Therefore, the presence of entrance, living room, abode of God and bathroom or underground water storage in northeast is extremely beneficial.  More open space with large number of doors-windows and least weight in this region enable adequate flow of positive energies from the northeast.  This helps in maintaining a pleasant and clean environment.  In the living room, the host should have seat in the southwest facing northeast. In this manner, there will be an ideal blend of confidence provided by the southwest and positive energy from the northeast.  This will also confer a person with effective negotiation skills and resolution of problems.  One should also have a   spiritual outlook at least to some extent for success in any endeavour.  Performance of certain religious rites, under the guidance of experts in this field, is also helpful in controlling the problems of jealousy.

Another important aspect which has a bearing on the success in any profession relates to public relations and ever expanding contacts.  The wind element of the northwest direction has a vital role in influencing interpersonal relationships, co-ordination and mutual harmony.  As per vastushastra, in a residence, it is ideal to locate toilet blocks, study room, store room, dining room etc. in the northwest direction.  In a commercial vastu, arrangements for the Storage, Marketing or placing of finished goods can be made in northwest.

If there are vastu deficiencies in the northwest region, it may lead to instability, indecision and arouse envy from surrounding people.  In commercial establishments, the defects in the northwest may lead to total lack of co-ordination, disharmony and a situation wherein everyone blames another resulting in utter chaos.  This will sooner or later adversely affect the public image, co-ordination, reputation and ultimately the business prospects.

One has to be dynamic to stay ahead of others   and maintain a continuous lead. The fire element is very vital in this respect.  Fire signifies energy while energy denotes motion or progress.  Hence, it is essential that in the residence as well as workplace, the fire element has to be properly installed to attain success and reputation.

In this manner, vastushastra has a strong influence in ensuring the success of a bureaucrat or businessman.  Thus inculcation of vastushastra to the other qualities viz. knowledge, efforts, sincerity and luck will ensure assured success in personal and professional life.


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