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Vastu For Education

Vastushastra Course

Vasturaviraj’s Vastu Shastra Course presents a method of learning to create harmonious homes and offices without demolition or any kind of remodeling. Vastu, as presented by Vasturaviraj, will facilitate you as well as your close associates to experience the potent connection between man and nature by means of effectual, long-established tools and practices that promote wellbeing, abundance, success, positive relationships and joy without expensive remodeling.

Our advanced certified course in VastuShastra and Remedial Vastu comprise of:

  •  Introduction of Vastu,
  • Overview of Vedic and Scientific background of Vastu
  • Use of Magnetic Compass,
  • Types, Shapes and Selection of Land,
  • Open Space planning and Building Design
  • Orientation of Home
  • Commercial Vastu,
  • Rectification of Vastu Defects in Existing Structure
  • Practical Vastu analysis, Site visits and Case studies.

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