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Vasturaviraj Articles-Shoe Rack as per Vastushastra

Shoe Rack as per Vastushastra:




While planning the interior of the house, it is necessary to have a proper place for the Shoe rack

•  Shoe rack can be kept at any location except North to East.

•  Priority should be given to keep this rack in West/North West.

•  A difficulty arises when the entrance of the house is in the North to East, as it is customary to place  the Shoe rack near the entrance. Locating the same outside the entrance will be ideal, if the security  aspects of the house permits such an arrangement.

•  It is not practical to keep the Shoe rack in North West if the entrance of the house is from the North  East. Under such circumstances, there is no other alternative and the rack is to be kept near the entrance but in the North West direction.

•  If a showcase has been planned in North East near the entrance, the Shoe rack can be placed in the      same.

•  If the entrance of the house is in North East, it is essential to plan the abode of God in the North East  direction. At the same time, the shoe rack has also to be placed near the entrance. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to retain the sanctity of the prayer shrine by maintaining a suitable gap between the two.