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Vasturaviraj Articles- Banks according to Vastushastra

Banks according to Vastushastra:

Bank is essentially a financial institution associated with transactions involving money. Bank signifies wealth or money and Lord Kuber is the Deity of wealth. North is the direction of Lord Kubera which means entrance in the north is ideal for Banks and other financial institutions. From the point view of vastushastra the following aspects have to be considered while planning & designing the layout for financial institutions.

•  North is the ideal entrance. Otherwise the entrance can be located in east or northeast.
•  The northeast portion should be open. It is ideal to have seating arrangements for customers in this      direction.
•  The Customer Care Counter should be located in east to north.
•  Cash Receipt and Payment Counter should be strictly in north.
•  Attractive posters of the various schemes of the Bank e.g. SB, Deposit Schemes or various Loan       Schemes can be placed in northwest.
•  Seating of personnel relating to marketing, sale of Credit cards and other officials relating to       Business Development Desk should be in northwest.
•  The position of Main Locker and the Branch Manager’s Cabin should be located in southwest.
•  The Officials next to the Branch Manager in hierarchy should sit in the south and west direction       respectively.
•  The Official dealing with Scrutiny of Loan proposals and re-evaluation work should preferably sit in       South.
•  Canteen, Pantry, Air Conditioning equipments, Generator, Battery Invertors, Computer Server or       Lunch Room should be in southeast.
•  Sales promotion literature, applications forms for various loan schemes and counter relating to any   •  products or services which the Bank intends to promote aggressively can be located in northwest.
•  Seating arrangement for maximum number of staff should be made in southeast or northwest.
•  All the staff, the Main Cash Safe & Lockers should face east to north.
•  The arrangement for water and the place for Deity/God should be in the northeast.
•  Preference should be given for yellow, cream or white colour in the layout.
•  Loan Disbursal department should be in the northwest.
•  Old Records and other records should be stacked from south to southwest.
•  Loan Recovery department should be prominently in southeast direction only.