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Vasturaviraj Articles-Auspicious and inauspicious effects of West Direction

Auspicious and inauspicious effects of West Direction:

•  Elevation in the West direction is positive. This enhances the strength and reputation of the male      members of family.

•  Location of the bed room of elder son, storage, toilet, dining hall, staircase and septic tank in the      West is considered ideal.

•  Placing of garbage bin at an elevation in West is positive.

•  Location of toilet in West direction is beneficial.

•  It is beneficial to have overhead tank at a height in the West.

•  A door in the West towards West of – North West is beneficial.

•  Staircase in the West direction is positive.

•  Construction of floor along western wall will ensure prosperity and happiness.

•  Office in the West direction is good as second option.

•  It is beneficial to have garage, vehicle parking in the West direction.

•  It is ideal to locate septic tank in the West direction.

•  Dining hall in the West direction is beneficial.

•  Staircase at an elevated level in West over the house is auspicious.

•  Construction of house at a lower level than the street in West direction is harmful.

•  Letting of space on rent in Western direction is not beneficial.

•  While sharing or dividing a plot, always retains the West portion and give the portion in the Eastern      side.

•  While dividing a property, the elder brother should retain the Western portion while the younger
one  should possess the Eastern portion.

•  A slope in the West indicates progress of the females who ultimately become the owners however      for males it is not so.

•  Vacant space in the West is harmful.

•  Location of well or pond in the West is indicative of death.

•  Outlet of septic tank or waste water in West will result in mild negative effects.

•  Western entrance facing South West invites many troubles.

•  Western entrance facing North West can result in major illness.

•  A verandah in West direction can cause many problems.

•  It is harmful if there is electric motor or meter in the West.

•  It is harmful if the roof of the house slopes towards the West.

•  Location of a T Junction, pit, water, well in front of West entrance is extremely harmful and gives       painful experiences.

•  If West direction in Vastu is lower than North West direction, it is indicative of too many obstacles.

•  A kitchen in West leads to wastage of wealth.

•  Staircase in the West at a level lower than the house is not good.

•  Construction at a level higher than the road in the West is not auspicious.