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Kitchen as per Vastushastra:


If the kitchen is in the south east, the housewife is happy and content. If the kitchen is not in south-east direction it developes vastu defects and obstacles start coming in the way.
The kitchen should be in the south east corner of the house.
The kitchen platform should be a little away from the east wall but alongside the south wall. The gas burners should be located so person cooking faces east while cooking.
The washbasin should be towards the east. The refrigerator should be in south east so also the other appliance like oven, mixer etc. should be in the south east.
Storage of provisions should be in the north west or south west.
Only a small quantity of water should be stored in the east and north to be strictly followed to avoid any imbalance.
The vastupurush should be kept below a tile in south east corner of the house, where there is no likelihood of anyone stamping the image of deity. It should not be kept in any other part of the house as it will bring bad luck.
The garbage bin should normally be in the north west corner of the house as a whole but if it is kept inside the kitchen is should also be placed in the north west.