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Vasturaviraj – A Reference Book

An abode or a Vastu can be as diverse as a residence, a commercial place, and industrial unit or an industry in total as well. The main objective of Vastushastra is to provide us the peace and tranquility in our lives. Vastushastra is an ancient Indian Metaphysical Science, which has been proved for its efficacy in removing the defects in an incidental acquisition of an abode of any kind.

Vastushastra depends upon the home you are living in and with the remedial measures provided under its umbrella it takes care of even the most negative features of your house which may be bothering you with disturbance in peace and harmony.

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao has mastery on the subject and for the last 15 years or so he has been providing immense satisfaction to his clients through a scientific analysis of the Vastu and then by providing the remedial measures which incidentally do not require any structural changes in the building or the flat.

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao has provided a lot of useful information in the present volume about the residences and other properties and has dealt with certain features of the remedial measures. Dr. Ahirrao has the largest complement of Vastu Experts who are properly trained and experienced to undertake the analysis and remedial measures of any vastu or property even if it is a plot of land.

VASTURAVIRAJ is thus a reference book of sorts with very useful information which could make our lives happier and fuller.

Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services (P) Ltd.
Navdarshan Apt., 1st Floor, Opp. Naupada Police Station,
M.G.Rd., Thane(W). 400 602 (India).
ph. 022 25442030 / 3020/ 32001122/2537440


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