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Vastu Remedies

Vastu Remedies

We are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Vastu Remedies and Vastu Dosh Remedies that is known for instilling positive energies in the lives of our clients. Dedicated to different deities of the Hindu Religion, our Vaastu Remedies are available at competitive prices. These vastu remedies cure Vastu dosh and Vastu defects, set you free of fear and help achieve success, happiness and prosperity.

The entire range of Vastu Remedies has been described below in detail:

1) Wish Pyramid :-

 The Wish Pyramid is fitted with a Shree Yantra at the base and is basically a six layered crystal pyramid with nine small pyramid chips and Sudarshan plus Lotus effect on basal plate. The clients can write their wishes, one at a time, on a piece of white paper with red ink and place it inside the pyramid. Wish Pyramid can be placed in the cast drawer of shop, safe locker or office drawer. Positive energy generated from the pyramid would fulfill your wishes and also safeguard your valuables. This is one of the best Vastu Remedies.


2) Kuber Idol

Lord kubera is a wealth manager of the gods & goddesses for stabilizing and multiplying the wealth as well as controlling outflow of money and reducing unproductive expenses. Worshiping  kuber Idol will get you lots of financial benefits.

Kuber Idol


3) Shree Yantra:-

Shree yantra is considered as the king of all yantras, used for overall growth, hence it is also known as yantraraj. The powers of adishakti mahakali, mahalaxmi &mahasaraswati are accumulated in one word ‘shree’ hence it is also called as shree yantra. Thus yantra is availble in various forms. In two dimensions it is availble in copper, silver & gold plates, in three dimensions form of shreeyantra which is most powerful & effective made from either an alloy of five metals ( pancha dhatu) or crytal. It is good for all round sucess, prosperetity-health-harmony as well as physical-mental-spiritual growth. * it is power of adishakti. * mahakali – destructing evil powers. * mahalaxmi – fame & finance. * mahasaraswati – centre for academic & spiritual progress. * it is known as yantraj. Reciting shreesuktam is a best way to enhance the power of this yantra. * navaratri festivaln& deepwali-laxmi poojan is the best time to bring & workship at home or business.

Shree Yantra

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