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It has always been a great challenge for all of us to develop the VASTU products listed here. The highest quality & efficacy is further driven by our passion ‘to do the best’ & hence naturally the prices have been kept at the minimum. With the blessings & grace of “Shree Swami Samartha” we have designed all these products fulfilling the ideas we had in our minds & now have pleasure in placing the same in your hands, with our firm commitment that these will confer the best results forever.

All our products are manufactured under the direct & stringent design control exercised by us. A lot of research has preceded the development of each of these products. After thorough purification & ritualization the products are placed before you in most pure, auspicious & pious form.


A) Basic Set

1)    Vasturaviraj Vastu kavach

2)    Vastu – Harmony Yantra

3)    South – West Energy Enhancer

4)    Vasturaviraj Wish Pyramid

5)    Vasturaviraj Divine Energy Card

6)    Horse Shoe Ring + Shani Yantra

7)    Vasturaviraj Copper Strip

8)    Saraswati Photo Frame

9)    Internal Protector


Vasturaviraj Vastu Kavach

Vasturaviraj Vastu Kavach

A highly powerful, multiforth Vastu protection (kavach) Yantra. To be placed above main entrance door from outer side. It is made of a copper plate fully Ritualized & Charged. It is provided with image of Siddhi Ganesha & Lord Hanuman to ensure protection & influence of positive auspicious energy.

This yantra is also clubbed with Lord Shiva & Goddess Durga yantra for a very strong protection from all types of demonic & evil forces. In addition to above the presence of Tara yantra & Adishakti in this yantra along with Swastika & Aum makes it more powerful protection for your premises.


B) Pyramid Products

Pyramid is a creation of Indian Saints & Sages, an integral part of our living system. Since ancient era, the dome of a temple, the palace, church & the mosque & the roof of a house represent different forms of pyramid.

Pyramid is a combination of four triangles of specific dimension coming together at an appropriate angle, which develops a property of absorbing the positive energy from universe & storing it at one-third of its dome. This positive energy neutralizes the negative energy developed due to vastu defects.

Pyramids designed & produced by Vasturaviraj are considered as the accurate & standard form of Pyramid.


  • Large size pyramids with excessive use of metal may be found troublesome.

Pyramid alone is insufficient to neutralize Vastu defects hence its combination with Crystal & Yantras give synergistic effects.

  1. 1 X 1 =  1
  2. 9 X 1 =  9
  3. 1 X 1 = 1 (crystal pyramid)
  4. 9 X 9 = 81

Total = 92 pyramids in three layers.


 Vasturaviraj Pyramid

Vasturaviraj Special Pyramid

They are used for correcting defects of plots, under construction projects, industries etc. One crystal pyramid is fitted in every pyramid set which acts as power booster to give fast & accurate results, which is a special characteristic of Vasturaviraj Pyramid.

  3P + 3CP

 3P + 3CP 

It means three pyramids with three crystal pyramids. Installed in vastu defect areas to neutralize negative energies arising from it.


  9P + 9CP

9P + 9CP


In order to neutralize all minor defects & external vastu defects associated with premises. To control & channelize all energies produced received from different vastu remedies Center Plate (9P + 9CP) is used.

 Special Pyramid

Vasturaviraj Special Pyramid


In case of commercial premises, this special pyramid is fitted with nine crystals is highly effective. It is also highly effective & impressive as compared to 3P + 3CP.

 Energy Plate

Vasturaviraj Energy Plate


It is a multipurpose device which can be used many places like Hotel-rooms, School, class rooms, bed-side of patients, study room, individual cubicles or cabins in big offices etc. which energizes these places & takes care of vastu defects.

Vasturaviraj Super Energy Set

  Vasturaviraj Super Energy Set

It is highly effective & used in case of vastu with serious defects, it is necessary to use this unit. It is comprised of nine octagonal plates with 5913 pyramids, 81 crystals representing 81 houses, semi precious stones for navgrahas (Nine Planets) & 9 Lotus symbols with 81 Swastik copper chips symbols from the bottom. This product is highly effective & known for miraculous results.

 45 Pyramid Swastik

  Vasturaviraj 45 Pyramid Swastik  

In order to activate center region of big projects, industries or plot of land, 45 pyramids are placed underground in the form of Swastik. Pyramid & Swastik together means –

“Two together perform better”

 Vasturaviraj Education Pyramid

Vasturaviraj Education Pyramid

A combination of three yantras withy a specially designed six layered pyramid helps to improve concentration & grasping power of students so as to excel in studies. The three Yantras are Saraswati Yantra (Godess of Education), Sarvakarya Siddhi yantra (to achieve desired objective) & Laxmi Ganesh yantra (the two deities of success). They should be kept on study table of students with a message of specific objective inside pyramid.


Marriage Pyramid

Vasturaviraj Marriage Pyramid 

In order to avoid delayed marriage or to speed-up marriage this combination of six layered special pyramid with three yantras viz. Lagnayog yantra which takes care of obstacles due to planetary mismatch & pitrudosha problem. Those aspiring for marriage should keep a special message for marriage, inside the pyramid. This helps them to achieve their objectives.


Vasturaviraj Car Kit


Comprise of Vahan Suraksha Yantra, Pyramid, Driving Crystal & Crystal Pyramid Plate.

Vahan Suraksha Pyramid Yantra

 Vahan Suraksha Pyramid Yantra

For safe management of critical situations while driving as well for better safety & performance of your vehicles, Vahan Suraksha Pyramid Yantra is the best answer.

A specially designed pyramid with Hanuman yantra gives results & safety.


 Crystal Pyramid Plate –

Crystal Pyramid Plate

For verifying vastu defects, can be used in a car, during dowsing to use universal energy & detachment from external elements.


  Driving CrystalDriving Crystal

Combines 3 crystals Pink Rose, Amethyst & Quartz. Maintains harmony between driver & owner, increase driving awareness by keeping body & mind cool, makes him feel physically & mentally energetic.


Co-ordination – Harmony Pyramid

 harmony crystal

Vasturaviraj Harmony Yantra

In order to restore proper coordination & harmony in two partners viz- husband-wife, parents-children, boss-subordinate, two partners, business associates, etc. these two specially designed pyramids attract universal energy. This combination gives best results in restoring smooth relations by placing photographs of two controversial partners one under each pyramid.


Yantra –

Yantra means a strong power center of spirituality. In other words it is power center of a particular deity. But in today’s scientific age we can call them energy circuits because each Yantra has a specific design which is capable of producing specific energies. These designs comprise of circles, triangles, squares, petals, very specific words, spiritual rhymes. These Yantras work for entire mankind. Though they are developed by Sagas with wisdoms & deities of Hindu origin, they are effective for entire mankind. We have classified them into four different categories & in four different sizes.


Vasturaviraj Special Yantras to gain prosperity & to eradicate negative energy – 



 Vastu Akshay Yantra


Vastu Badha Mukti Yantra


These 2 sets of yantras (9 Yantras per set) are specially designed, carefully selected & ritualized by Vasturaviraj after an extensive research & comprehensive study. These yantras should be placed in North-East direction of your premises for best results.


     A) Yantras for neutralizing Vastu defects-

     1.   Gayatri Matsya Yantra 

       2.    Vastu Dikdosha Nashak yantra

 These two Yanyras are highly effective in neutralizing Vastu defects. Generally a combination of these two Yantras is very much essential in every Vastu remedy.

In case of vastu under construction, Gayatri Matsya Yantra can be placed in the North- East & Vastu Dikdosha Nashak Yantra in the South-East either underground or inside the wall.


     B) Yantras for neutralizing negative energies –

There are many types of negative energies like jealousy, disharmony, demonic powers, ghosts & energies associated with black magic etc. In order to neutralize them & restore positive energy, these yantras are used in combination or in separate form. Depending upon the seriousness of negative energy different combinations are used. These yantras are available in combination as well as separate forms.


For neutralizing strong negative energies –

 1)    Bhairav yantra

2)    Hanuman yantra

3)    Durgabisa yantra

4)    Baglamukhi yantra

5)    Bhootpret Badha Nivaran yantra

6)    Kali yantra

7)    Kamakhya yantra


           C) Yantras for Prosperity 

There are various Yantras, which help in getting monetary growth as well as stability. They protect us from financial losses & blockades. They also confer harmony, health & co-ordination in Vastu.

  1. Shree Sukta Yantra
  2. Kanakdhara Yantra
  3. Vastu Dosh Nashak Vyapar Vridhhi Indrayani yantra
  4. Sarvakarya Sidhhi yantra
  5. Laxmi Ganesh Yantra
  6. Shubha Laxmi Yantra

Special combination Yantras are  available. 


Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra   

( Available in different sizes)

Shree Yantra is considered as the king of all yantras. Hence it is also known as “Yantraraj”. The powers of Adishakti Mahakali, Mahalaxmi & Mahasaraswati are accumulated in one word “Shree”. Hence it is also called as Shree Yantra.

This yantra is available in various forms. In two dimensions it is available in copper, silver & gold plates. In three dimension it is available in Pancha Dhatu (alloy of five metals) or in crystal.


Lord Kuber Idol

   Kuber Idol                                                                           










   D) Yantras for Specific Purpose-


Navgraha yantra – Every direction is influenced by a particular planet. Hence to rectify those defects as well as to get beneficial effect of planets on every individual it is necessary to use this yantra

Surya yantra – Correcting vastu defects of East.

Chandra yantra – Correcting vastu defects of Northwest

Mangal yantra – Correcting vastu defects of South

Budh yantra – Correcting vastu defects of North

Guru yantra – Correcting vastu defects of Northeast

Shukra yantra – Correcting vastu defects of Southeast

Shani yantra – Correcting vastu defects of West

Rahu yantra –

+ Correcting vastu defects of Southwest

Ketu yantra –

They are also useful in normalizing highly disturbed material relations due to South & Southwest vastu defects.


Navagraha Treatment

All individual Navagraha Yantra along with swastika yantra, one each, in all eight directions make house strong & safe.

Navagraha & Navaratna Treatment –  

All navgrahas with their corresponding gem stones & swastika yantra if placed inside the walls or in the form of photo frames on each direction in the vastu will make it highly positive & strong.

Special Purpose yantras – 

         Annapurna yantra –

Annapurna Yantra

Helps to get self sufficiency in case of dietary needs. It is highly useful for Hotels & all other business activities  related to food products.

         Vijay yantra – In order to get victory on problems & to ensure better sales in Real Estate Business.

Vijay yantra