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VastuShastra for Wealth Management (Part -1)

VastuShastra For Wealth Management (Part -1)

In VastuShastra for Wealth Management (Part -1) on 2018-09-17

Everyone in this world is crazy for wealth. Only true saints can keep themselves away from wealth.Modern (so called ) saints are more hungry for fame and finance.

According to Vastushastra ,main entrance door of your premise plays vital role in getting inflow of wealth.Primarily main entrance door in some of the parts of North, North-East, East, South-East, South-West and West.There are 32 directions of entrances out of which seven are highly positive.
All of them ensure wealth inflow,however the positive entrances only ensure constant-ever growing - multiplying &  stable  wealth inflow. Rest of all entrances gets you unpredictable, unstable  and easily depleting flow of Wealth.These entrance are same for residential, commercial, industrial as well as of social or any other utility.
However, depending upon nature of your business, some of these directions are highly positive. Businessmen, it is highly essential for you to plan positive entrances irrespective volume of investment, for MSME category  an investment investment in few thousands or lakhs can be equivalent to hundreds and thousands of crores to big corporate giants.

Main entrance of Vastu is one of the factor influencing wealth inflow