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Unscrupulous Pyramid Mongers

There have been certain spurious merchandisers, who are bringing a bad name to VASTUSHASTRA by conducting absolutely misleading courses from a few hours to two days at the most. These entities are just creating a mass of people who stick PYRAMIDS everywhere they go. They can place a pyramid from anything like an answer paper to a book and from a key chain to the Gods in your Puja place.

These apply pyramid people have dishonored the ancient Indian science of VASTUSHASTRA. The fact is that with Pyramids alone there cannot be any neutralization of vastu defects. Vastushastra basically analyses the VASTU and the people who stay there. After a scientific analysis alone the remedial measures should be suggested. The pyramids form only a small pellet of the whole remedial measures. Further the use of certain metals and imitation crystals can bring a totally disastrous result. At the same time the huge collection of energies in very large sized pyramids can oust the families due to the bad effects.

At VASTURAVIRAJ, we are scientific analysts and staunch supporters of Pyramids. However, we would like to caution the public against the unscrupulous sticking of Pyramids and the dirty tricks played by the merchandisers looting the public.

The Positive energies are collected at 1/3rd of the height of a pyramid, and the negative energies are collected at the APEX of the pyramid. The fact is always hidden from you. Unless a true crystal is placed at the APEX, the pyramid cannot be complete and hence cannot provide the positive results expected.

While the vastu defects are scientifically neutralized, we have to use many other facets than pyramids alone. This neutralization has to address the problems faced by the family in the vastu and their solutions. Apart from this the family has to be guided spiritually to come out of the problems.

Please beware of these spurious and illiterate salespersons with their equally spurious pyramid sticking. Pyramid is just a small part of the treatment and NOT the treatment on the whole.

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