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Vastushastra for Bollywood

Marking a successful career in the glamorous world of Bollywood is a matter of sheer hard work and also a big play of destiny and most film enthusiasts experience uncertainties in: Getting a break. Sustaining success and growth. High financial risk. Higher expectations uncertainty of public acceptance. Maintaining gossip under control. Peace of mind. Upgrading their creativity. Vastushastra expert Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao says that all of such people are influenced by ‘Destiny Vastushastra’. Destiny clubbed with efforts (karma) takes you to the crowning glory of success. In addition to this vastushastra is an equally important factor that influences the path of success and stability in our life. Taking guidance of vastushastra can help in: career break and consistency in success; high risk heavy investments; residence, office and sets developed for shooting; distribution network and also in the business of theatres and multiplexes. “I would say, getting a break in Bollywood is a combination of efforts—destiny plus vastu. Destiny is beyond our control but vastu is totally under our control” added Dr. Ahirrao. Hence, maintaining a consistency of better performance with stability and success in glamour world is largely controlled by vastushastra of our premises. Apart from other elements, financial risks […] Read More