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A Self Study for your own Factory…

To establish an enterprise is a task that can only be compared with the first house you build with your finances. We have to organize a thousand activities from taxations to planning and most importantly the marketing and Sales which are going to put you upscale in the coming years. A lot of expertise is now available in various requirements of industries. However, an industry sometimes gets stuck due to reasons beyond decipher. One of the ancient Metaphysical Sciences called VASTU has provided answers to various problems occurring in industrial units manufacturing engineering goods in particular. This Science is based on the eight directions and the cosmic energies that are received from the Sun from each of these directions. In India the industrial sheds are usually in the shape of a rectangle or a square. Taking in to consideration certain facts for an Engineering Industry, we are delighted to provide below a basic structure of a manufacturing unit based on placement of various sections based on the directions as per VASTU. You can yourself verify the positive and negative aspects of your own industrial shed at present and if certain corrections could be made to locate the different sections as […] Read More

Spiritually Initiated Diwali With Vastusanskruti…

VASTU + SANSKRITI magazine from the esteemed VASTURAVIRAJ has been brought out for the last couple of years. Apart from earning a niche reverence from the readers the Magazine has also bagged AWARDS every year for the definitive subjects it has carried with meticulously with the gist of traditional ancient Indian culture and the pearls of wisdom embedded in the same. The Magazine is a brainchild of Eminent Vastu expert Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao and his illustrious wife and famous Reiki Master Mrs. Manjushree Ahirrao. DIWALI 2012 for VASTU + SANSKRITI is not in any way different. The magazine dedicated this DIWALI ISSUE to the most important aspect of Indian Culture that is MANTRA and TANTRA. Various articles depicting the positive vibes generated by reciting Mantra have enhanced the ethical value of the presentation and everyone is looking forward to preserve the issue for posterity. One of the main attractions in this DIWALI ISSUE from cultural point of view is that an AUDIO CD has been made part of the issue. With 30 most beneficial Mantras chanted in the specific manner, the abode can get purified if the CD is played every day during morning hours. The pure vibes generated have […] Read More

Does Astrology have more influence than Vastu on the progress and future of the persons in the house?

Question : Does Astrology have more influence than Vastu on the progress and future of the persons in the house? Answer – This is a very big issue and definitely needs a lot of space for an answer. However, in short one can say as follows: 1. Vastushastra is for a group of people staying in a home and affects each one equally, whereas Astrology is individually oriented. 2. If you consider Vastu according to the Head of the family, then it may result in justice for one and injustice for another as everyone in the family is career oriented. 3. Though some of the practitioners combining Vastu and Astrology claim that they consider the horoscopes of all the family members, this is definitely ambiguous. After the demise of the head of the family there will be chaos like ministerial cabins. 4. Indian Vastushastra is highly comprehensive and takes care of all family members whether 80 year old or a newborn. Depending upon the age and hierarchy in the family and occupation, Vastushastra can surely take care of all the aspects perfectly and properly. 5. Hence if you get the Vastushastra done perfectly, it will take care of all members […] Read More

Vasturaviraj – A Reference Book

An abode or a Vastu can be as diverse as a residence, a commercial place, and industrial unit or an industry in total as well. The main objective of Vastushastra is to provide us the peace and tranquility in our lives. Vastushastra is an ancient Indian Metaphysical Science, which has been proved for its efficacy in removing the defects in an incidental acquisition of an abode of any kind. Vastushastra depends upon the home you are living in and with the remedial measures provided under its umbrella it takes care of even the most negative features of your house which may be bothering you with disturbance in peace and harmony. Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao has mastery on the subject and for the last 15 years or so he has been providing immense satisfaction to his clients through a scientific analysis of the Vastu and then by providing the remedial measures which incidentally do not require any structural changes in the building or the flat. Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao has provided a lot of useful information in the present volume about the residences and other properties and has dealt with certain features of the remedial measures. Dr. Ahirrao has the largest complement of […] Read More