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Office with Residence

During the initial stages of business till the time it is stabilized, people often carry on business from their residence.  As per Vastushastra the master bedroom and the office has to be planned in South West.  The same is not always practically possible.  Under such circumstances, it is ideal to have the master bedroom in South West and the office in South or West. The seating arrangement of the owner or the chief should be in South West of the room and facing North East. If space is inadequate in the South or West, available space in any direction can be utilized. However, the space in the South West should be selected  for this purpose.  In such cases, it is also necessary to install suitable remedial measures under the guidance of vastu experts to ensure occupational stability and rapid progress. If the office is on the ground floor and the residence is above, then the office should ideally be in the South West. Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services (P) Ltd. Navdarshan Apt., 1st Floor, Opp. Naupada Police Station, M.G.Rd., Thane(W). 400 602 (India). ph. (M) :- 09869001719,09820967087 (O) 022 25442030 / 3020/ 32001122/2537440 Read More

Study as per Vastushastra

During study, it is always desirable to sit in the southwest region of house and facing northeast. There should be the support of a strong wall on southwest side behind the study table and the northeast should be open with pleasant atmosphere. There should not be any beam, protruding cupboard or loft overhead in the place where a person sits for study. A room in the northwest is also a good option for study.  However, the face of the person should be facing northeast or east. If the above is not feasible, then the other alternative is to opt for room in northeast and the wall facing northeast. While studying, the face of the person should be facing northeast to obtain beneficial results. Preferably the wall opposite the study should be clean and vacant as placement of objects or showcase in the front disturbs the concentration. If there is a window, balcony or road just opposite the study, the student can face east or north. A pyramid made of plastic, copper or crystal and a photo of Goddess Saraswati or yantra can be placed on the study table on the wall in front to obtain beneficial results. It is very […] Read More

Auspicious and Inauspicious effects of East Direction

If there is slope towards East and a bathroom is located therein, it confers good health, prosperity and benefits of office. If the plot, verandah or rooms of a house slope towards the East, it ensures prosperity, royal fortune, authority of office and also helps in the development of intellect. There is prosperity if more open space is left on the East side. A pond or water source in the East will give best progeny. Flowing water in the East is auspicious. A well located on a slope in East will give abundant grains and wealth. Main Entrance on the East and other doors in the house facing east is auspicious. Main door in the East and doors facing North East direction are auspicious. If the steps in the East are lower than the main sanctum of the house, it confers harmony, prosperity and peace. Construction of a House with porch or verandah in the East will ensure abundance of food grains and wealth. It is particularly beneficial if the walls in the East are lower in height. Empty space with a slope towards East in a plot is very ideal. There should be more open space in the East […] Read More

The Treasury as per Vastushastra

Valuables, ornaments, important documents like title deeds, shares, life policies etc. constitute our wealth.  It is absolutely essential that our wealth should be stable.  We usually keep these valuables in a treasure box or cupboard in a secure place. The best place for the treasury box is South West.  This direction symbolizes stability and will ensure the safety of the wealth. North is the abode of Lord Kuber who is the protector of the wealth of Gods. Hence placing the safe containing the valuables in the North is a good alternative. If the ‘Safe’ is placed in South West or North, the treasure and other contents should face the North East when the door of the safe is opened.  As an alternative, the door of the treasury can open towards North or East. It is not advisable to place the ‘safe’ in North East, South East or North West. The door of the Treasury opens in a direction other than North, North East or East that is if the door opens towards South East, North West or South West,  it is likely to result in huge wasteful  expenditure. Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services (P) Ltd. Navdarshan Apt., 1st Floor, Opp. […] Read More

Auspicious and inauspicious effects of South Direction

Elevation in the South direction confers beneficial results. A higher wall in the South side is positive. Water storage in overhead tank or at an elevation in the south is favorable and underground water storage is inauspicious. An entrance in the South of South East brings favorable results. Stair case in the South is auspicious. Construction of a floor bordering the wall in the South side is auspicious. Location of electric motor, transformer in South is negative while it is positive if located in the South East. In industrial establishments it is beneficial to have parking arrangements for heavy vehicles in the South. Lesser height or slope in the South direction in relation to the South West is beneficial. High doors or elevated steps in the South are extremely               positive. Construction in the South at a lower level than the street is inauspicious. During distribution of property, retention of the North side is favorable for the spiritual, mental and academic progress while it is negative in other aspects. While distributing property, the portion in the South should be given to the elder brother and that in the North should be given to younger brother. Slope of the house in the […] Read More

Placement of Waterbody

In every vastu it has become essential to have an underground and overhead water tank.  An underground water tank should necessarily be in the northeast direction or in the alternative in the east or north direction.  But, this underground tank should not be in the axis/latitude of northeast direction. In essence, an underground water tank between north to east direction ensures comprehensive progress.  An underground water tank in the northeast implies less weight and the water therein absorbs the ultra violet rays from the sunlight in large quantity.  This purifies the water and the energy emanating from it are very good for the brain cells.  For all these reasons an underground water storage in the northeast is auspicious and beneficial.  The overhead water tank should be in the southwest or alternatively from the south to west region.  The placement of the overhead water tank in the southwest increases the weight in this region which in turn results in greater stability.  Location of underground or overhead tank in any other direction leads to vastu defects.  This  causes interruption of energy waves and consequently gives rise to unprecedented problems whose intensity can be severe and at times even fatal. Dr. Raviraj Vastu […] Read More

Auspicious and Inauspicious effects of Southeast Direction

Location of the kitchen in the Southeast is ideal. Higher level of construction in Southeast or if any shed is located therein, it is beneficial. It confers riches and progeny. Elevated steps in the Southeast ensure wealth and prosperity. South of South East entrance is positive. Staircase located in South of Southeast is positive. In case, a floor is to be constructed along South wall of Southeast direction, then the construction should             commence from Southwest and upon its completion, construction should be done in South and Southeast respectively. The construction in Southeast Region should be on higher level than Northwest but lower than Southwest Region. A garage in Southeast is positive. Electrical Instruments, Electric Motors, Generators, and all other fire based instruments should be placed in Southeast. In a Commercial establishment, the Staff Quarters should be in Southeast. A slope in Southeast is considered negative and indicates fear of fire, trouble from enemies, indebtedness and is unfavorable. A Well in the Southeast is very harmful. It causes loss of wealth, obstacles from enemies, theft, fear of fire and burglary. Slope in the Southeast and construction thereon renders slackness and lack of initiative. Open space on Southeast side is inauspicious. […] Read More

Place of pets in the house as per Vastushastra

The basic aim of Vastushastra is to establish harmony with nature.  In essence, every person or thing should be in it’s natural form.  Dumb animals should not be treated in a manner harmful to them and they should not be made unhappy for our amusement or benefits.  It is against the laws of nature to keep dogs, cats, cows, horses, rabbits etc. tied in their stalls or confine the parrots, peacocks, geese, love birds etc.  in cages.  Vastushastra does not approve any thing which contradicts with the laws of nature. If we analyse scientifically, it will be found that animals and birds are not static and they move in different places.  A pet dog wanders freely inside and outside the house.  It thus brings dirt inside the house.  The hair, saliva and the faeces of the dog can pollute the atmosphere in the vastu  due to lack of hygiene.  A dog being faithful and a loyal guard, can be kept as a pet as an exception.  But due care has to be exercised to maintain their proper health and hygiene. Cats must not be kept in the house.  They are shrewd and cunning.  They can be influenced by many unseen […] Read More

Beams and Columns

Beams and Vastu have a vital role in the construction of a Vastu. The size of the beams or columns is determined by the area and size of the Vastu.  The beams are usually broader and thicker than the walls. Hence they   protrude outside the walls or slabs  and such a protrusion in an otherwise flat surface, creates obstacles in the way of simple harmonic motion of energy waves. The protruding portion of the beam gives raise to unnatural flow of energy which is not conducive to the people in the vicinity.  One should not sleep under the beam as it is harmful for health.  One should avoid sitting below the beam as the negative energy released by the beam affects the efficiency and leads to unsatisfactory work performance.  While furnishing the house, the beams can be covered in a false ceiling and an appearance of a flat surface can be created. This removes the vastu defects and the consequent adverse effects.  If such beams are well decorated then they further help in reducing the flow of bad energy.  Two flutes wrapped in red cloth can be placed in the form of “X” on the beams to reduce the negative […] Read More

Vastu and the happy family

For a person to be happy and contented in his personal life and also for success at work or profession vastu principles play a key role. Communication, co-operation, cordial relations and a smile can do wonders. Our home décor influences to a great extent our interpersonal relationships, our thought process and mutual understanding. Many people call a consultant but a remedy is always tailor made for the same. Basically vastu defects are the root cause of disputes in families, especially among husband and wife. Hence it is of utmost importance to create a matured mindset, well developed thought process between husband and wife and this is easily possible if their master bedroom is in the south west direction. The master bedroom in south west direction can give physical, mental, financial stability to the owner of the Vastu and that healthy body and strong mind. As per vastu the defects are to be rectified and then advice as there cannot be a standardized remedy for all us success and peace of mind is again relative. Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services (P) Ltd. Navdarshan Apt., 1st Floor, Opp. Naupada Police Station, M.G.Rd., Thane(W). 400 602 (India). website :- ph. (M) :- 09869001719,09820967087 […] Read More


The best location for the staircase is southwest. This part becomes heavy and leads to stability. The staircase should ascend from the east to west or from north to south. The steps on staircase should be in even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14….. etc and should never end with zero – 10, 20, 30… etc. There should not be a toilet, bathroom, temple or a safe below the staircase. In addition to southwest, the northwest is an alternative location. A staircase in the northeast is harmful for health. A staircase in the centre region disturbs the entire set-up. A staircase should never be circular or spiral.                                                                  Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services (P) Ltd. For more details visit :- Or Download Our :- Vasturaviraj App Read More

Power of Pyramids

Pyramids are a creation of Indian civilization, which is the oldest in the word. In each era, we have the presence of a pyramid of top spiritual or religious building, (Temple, church, mosque), palaces etc. Even the cottages used by ancient sages of wisdom shows that pyramid is an integral part of human civilization. A Pyramid is a combination of four triangles coming together with perfect dimensions and angles. Pyramids absorb positive(+ve) – universal (cosmic) energy and stores at its 1/3rd height level. This energy always works in a positive manner. It is absolutely of importance from which material the pyramid is made because the power of the pyramid lies in its structure and not in the material. Pyramids can be made from grass, clay, stones and metals like iron, copper, silver, bronze, cement, concrete, crystals and plastic. With all these materials. It is certainly possible to have pyramids of perfect dimensions, angles, accuracy, linearity, thickness and uniformity in every aspect. However, for economy, durability, easy handling and utility plastic pyramids are preferable to any other material or metals. The power of pyramids can be enhanced by making use of crystal pyramids of different colours for different purpose. But the […] Read More