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Eradication of Vastu Defects – House

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Hello Friend, In every vastu there are bound to be certain defects. Even in those houses selected under the guidance of vastu consultant by following all the principles meticulously, there are bound to be certain primary and a few secondary vastu defects. There are many remedies available for the eradication of vastu defects. Some of the remedies may be expensive while some of the simple primary remedies give protection to us from many obstacles we face in life. We now proceed to explain some of these primary remedies: Our Prayer Room/shrine should invariably be located in the northeast. Regular prayers and chanting of sacred hymns in a clear and audible voice is beneficial. A lamp of pure ghee or till oil should be lit in front of the Gods every morning and evening respectively. An incense stick should also be lit. This purifies the atmosphere. By chanting of sacred hymns in a clear voice and lighting of incense sticks the vastu is purified from the pure sound waves. The sacred sound emanating by ringing of the bell or blowing the counch is very beneficial for purification of the atmosphere. We should chant the Gayatri Mantra and offer prayers to Family […] Read More

Auspicious and inauspicious effects of West Direction

Elevation in the West direction is positive. This enhances the strength and reputation of the male members of family. Location of the bed room of elder son, storage, toilet, dining hall, staircase and septic tank in the West is considered ideal. Placing of garbage bin at an elevation in West is positive. Location of toilet in West direction is beneficial. It is beneficial to have overhead tank at a height in the West. A door in the West towards West of – North West is beneficial. Staircase in the West direction is positive. Construction of floor along western wall will ensure prosperity and happiness. Office in the West direction is good as second option. It is beneficial to have garage, vehicle parking in the West direction. It is ideal to locate septic tank in the West direction. Dining hall in the West direction is beneficial. Staircase at an elevated level in West over the house is auspicious. Construction of house at a lower level than the street in West direction is harmful. Letting of space on rent in Western direction is not beneficial. While sharing or dividing a plot, always retains the West portion and give the portion in the […] Read More

Storage Room as per Vastushastra

In every house we may find that there are many articles which cannot be discarded easily even though they are being used sparingly.  The quantum of such items increases with the number of members in the family as also in the case of joint families featuring members from new and old generations.  In present times, the houses are small.  More number of items led to congestion and lack of zeal.  In short, we should have minimum number of items.  This will lead to spaciousness and pleasant atmosphere.  It implies that we should not have a ‘Storage Room’.  If it is absolutely necessary, such a room can be planned between the South and West directions as increasing the weight in the South West results in stability. Piling of unwanted items can result in gathering of dust.  This can lead to a growth of fungus and germs resulting in unhygienic atmosphere.  During the rainy season in particular due to the increased presence of moisture in the atmosphere there is growth of fungus which is detrimental to health.  Hence, our houses should be free of clutter.  Unwanted items in the house and especially the belongings of a dead person should be promptly disposed […] Read More

Importance of Upper floors as per Vastushastra

Often, in bungalows or row houses it is customary to construct an additional floor.  Vastushastra has given exhaustive guidelines about the direction in which it has to be constructed.  Now days, there is an increased attraction for duplex bungalows or pent houses. Under such circumstances, the following guidelines about the positioning of the upper floor with regard to the ground floor are relevant: It is ideal to have the upper floor in the South West part of the house.  Next in the order is South East and North West.  But the construction therein should be attached with the  South West. There should preferably be no construction, in the North East direction. Otherwise, this direction should have open terrace or living room with least weight and more vacant space. If an upper floor is constructed only in the North East, such a vastu may reveal progress initially.  However, at a later stage all the work may be totally held up. An upper floor constructed only in the North West region, may result in quarrels, arguments, misunderstandings, disharmony amongst relations, police complaints or litigation. Construction of an upper floor exclusively in the South East, may cause obstacles in work, wasteful expenditure, health problems […] Read More

Auspicious and inauspicious effects of South West Direction

Greater height in South West gives beneficial results. Higher construction in South West is good for health and happiness. Placing of garbage at a height in South West is positive. An overhead water tank in South West direction is always good.  However, it must be ensured that there is no leakage. Main entrance in South West with door towards West gives Negative results. Staircase in South West is positive. It is beneficial for health if an upper floor is built in the   South West region. Location of the Office of the Head of Business in the South West is positive. Parking arrangement for heavy vehicles in South West is positive. South West direction should be on higher level than the South. Steps  in the South West at a higher elevation than the house is positive. It is not beneficial to rent out a place in South West. While sharing of property between two brothers, the elder should stay in the South West while the younger should occupy North East. While renting premises, the owner should retain South West portion so that he retains control over the property and avoid trouble from the tenant. A slope in the South West […] Read More