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Vastu and the happy family

For a person to be happy and contented in his personal life and also for success at work or profession vastu principles play a key role. Communication, co-operation, cordial relations and a smile can do wonders. Our home décor influences to a great extent our interpersonal relationships, our thought process and mutual understanding. Many people call a consultant but a remedy is always tailor made for the same. Basically vastu defects are the root cause of disputes in families, especially among husband and wife. Hence it is of utmost importance to create a matured mindset, well developed thought process between husband and wife and this is easily possible if their master bedroom is in the south west direction. The master bedroom in south west direction can give physical, mental, financial stability to the owner of the Vastu and that healthy body and strong mind. As per vastu the defects are to be rectified and then advice as there cannot be a standardized remedy for all us success and peace of mind is again relative. Dr. Raviraj Vastu Spiritual Services (P) Ltd. Navdarshan Apt., 1st Floor, Opp. Naupada Police Station, M.G.Rd., Thane(W). 400 602 (India). website :- ph. (M) :- 09869001719,09820967087 […] Read More