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Threshold as per Vastushastra

The threshold is gradually disappearing in the modern household.  A threshold defines the boundary of the vastu and symbolically reminds that one should exercise restraint and adhere to discipline.  Of late, there has been a general decline in the virtues of discipline and human values. Ironically, the present state of the society reveals that we have forgotten the limits of the threshold. A threshold defines the extent of the vastu and prevents the insects from entering the house through the gap between the door and the floor. A threshold should be made of wood so as to facilitate the retention of magnetic energy within the house. It prevents undesirable energies or forces from entering the house. Square and rectangular shape has great importance in Vastushastra.  The threshold has the effect of completing the fourth side of the door frame and making it rectangular. The threshold should not be made of marble, granite or plastic strips. Read More