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Effects of North West Direction

It is harmful if the North West is higher than South West or South East. It is beneficial if North West is higher than North East. It is beneficial to locate garbage bin in North West. It is beneficial to have toilet in North West direction. Location of water tank at ground level in North West is beneficial. Outlet of septic tank or waste water can be placed in North West direction. North West entrance facing towards West of North West grants prosperity. Staircase in North West direction is good as a second option. The walls in North West can be high but South East and South West should respectively have taller walls. Verandah in North West towards North is beneficial. A sloping roof in North West inclined towards North is beneficial. Arrangement for vehicle parking in North West is beneficial. Septic tank can be located in North West. Dining room in the North West direction is positive. Steps in the North West direction at a level lower than the house towards North East is auspicious. It is beneficial to let North West portion of the house on rent. While dividing a plot, retain South East portion and relinquish North West. While […] Read More