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A Self Study for your own Factory…

To establish an enterprise is a task that can only be compared with the first house you build with your finances. We have to organize a thousand activities from taxations to planning and most importantly the marketing and Sales which are going to put you upscale in the coming years. A lot of expertise is now available in various requirements of industries. However, an industry sometimes gets stuck due to reasons beyond decipher. One of the ancient Metaphysical Sciences called VASTU has provided answers to various problems occurring in industrial units manufacturing engineering goods in particular. This Science is based on the eight directions and the cosmic energies that are received from the Sun from each of these directions. In India the industrial sheds are usually in the shape of a rectangle or a square. Taking in to consideration certain facts for an Engineering Industry, we are delighted to provide below a basic structure of a manufacturing unit based on placement of various sections based on the directions as per VASTU. You can yourself verify the positive and negative aspects of your own industrial shed at present and if certain corrections could be made to locate the different sections as […] Read More