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Does Astrology have more influence than Vastu on the progress and future of the persons in the house?

Question : Does Astrology have more influence than Vastu on the progress and future of the persons in the house? Answer – This is a very big issue and definitely needs a lot of space for an answer. However, in short one can say as follows: 1. Vastushastra is for a group of people staying in a home and affects each one equally, whereas Astrology is individually oriented. 2. If you consider Vastu according to the Head of the family, then it may result in justice for one and injustice for another as everyone in the family is career oriented. 3. Though some of the practitioners combining Vastu and Astrology claim that they consider the horoscopes of all the family members, this is definitely ambiguous. After the demise of the head of the family there will be chaos like ministerial cabins. 4. Indian Vastushastra is highly comprehensive and takes care of all family members whether 80 year old or a newborn. Depending upon the age and hierarchy in the family and occupation, Vastushastra can surely take care of all the aspects perfectly and properly. 5. Hence if you get the Vastushastra done perfectly, it will take care of all members […] Read More

The power Centers – Shree Yantra and Kuber Yantra

Shreeyantra is the greatest heritage of ancient sages of India. It is considered as “Yantraraaj” – The king of all Yantras. The word “SHREE” means ‘Adishakti’ which is an origin and combination of three powerful deities, namely: Mahakali – Destroyer of demonic and evil power, Mahalaxmi – offers fame and finance. Mahasaraswati  – offers academic and spiritual progress. Every human being strives for life without hurdles, with luxury and sufficient knowledge and it is all possible to achieve by worshipping this yantras. Yantras are power centres of a particular deity and by worshipping and establishing them in our premises ensures flow of positive energy, which helps to fulfill our desires. Yantras should be ritualized and charged properly from experts – only then they give energy with the fullest strength. We provide fully charged and ritualized yantras. It is nice to bring and establish this yantras during “Navratri” or “Mahalaximi Pooja” day to Deepawali. Recitation of “Shreesuktam” “Mahalaxmi Mantra” and “Laxmi Gayatri Mantra” in front of this yantra is a nice way to enhance its power and get benefited.  Getting wealth and property is possible through Shreeyantra however; everyone expects exponential growth as well as stability of wealth. This is possible […] Read More