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Power of Pyramids

Pyramids are a creation of Indian civilization, which is the oldest in the word. In each era, we have the presence of a pyramid of top spiritual or religious building, (Temple, church, mosque), palaces etc. Even the cottages used by ancient sages of wisdom shows that pyramid is an integral part of human civilization. A Pyramid is a combination of four triangles coming together with perfect dimensions and angles. Pyramids absorb positive(+ve) – universal (cosmic) energy and stores at its 1/3rd height level. This energy always works in a positive manner. It is absolutely of importance from which material the pyramid is made because the power of the pyramid lies in its structure and not in the material. Pyramids can be made from grass, clay, stones and metals like iron, copper, silver, bronze, cement, concrete, crystals and plastic. With all these materials. It is certainly possible to have pyramids of perfect dimensions, angles, accuracy, linearity, thickness and uniformity in every aspect. However, for economy, durability, easy handling and utility plastic pyramids are preferable to any other material or metals. The power of pyramids can be enhanced by making use of crystal pyramids of different colours for different purpose. But the […] Read More