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Vastushastra Advance Course



Our certified course in VastuShastra and Remedial Vastu comprise of:

  •  Introduction of Vastu,
  • Overview of Vedic and Scientific background of Vastu
  • Use of Magnetic Compass,
  • Types, Shapes and Selection of Land,
  • Open Space planning and Building Design
  • Orientation of Home
  • Commercial Vastu,
  • Rectification of Vastu Defects in Existing Structure
  • Practical Vastu analysis, Site visits and Case studies


Vastushastra Advance Course

  1. Classroom training taken by Madam Mrs. Manjushree Ahirrao.
  2. Course Duration 1.5 Months.
  3. Study of Vastu Purush Mandal, 32 Directions, Marmathan analysis and remedies, Geopathic stress detection and remedies, Temple Vastushastra etc.
  4. Practical training including site visit of Commercial Premises and Real Estate Project; and Geopathic stress detection on site.
  5. Printed notes, Examination and Certificate.
  6. Course medium is Marathi


Following is the syllabus of Vastushastra Advance Course 

 1.  Vastu Padmandal
2.  Importance of different deity in Vastu Padmandal
3.  Vastu Marmasthana
4.  32 Entrance of Vastu
5.  32 Directional Zone of Vastu
6.  Vastushastra on the basis of Micro – analysis
7.  Internal arrangement of different gadgets in Vastu on micro -level
8.  Balancing of Elements
9.  Difficult case studies (Residence, Industry, Hospital etc)
10. Vastushastra of different temples
11. Actual site visit of Real Estate Project
12. How to identify & Rectify Geopathic Stress
13. Different Remedies
14. Different Vastu tips
15. How to do Vastushastra Consultancy
16. How to take Review
17. Interior Design & Many more
18. Exam.
Vasturaviraj Advance Course will start from 1st July, 2018 Sunday
upto next 6 Sundays at Thane office

For Registration call at 7718863234 | 022-67847614 / 00 / 01