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Smooth Redevelopment Through Vastushastra

There are thousands of old dilapidated structures all over Mumbai and other parts of India which are due for redevelopment.
However, completing all formalities necessary to finalize a redevelopment deal is a serious problem. According to my studies over 60% of redevelopment projects are held up at this stage.
According to Indian Vastushastra…. Presence of strong and multiple vastu defects in North-West region of the said building are mainly responsible for creating disharmony, lack of co-ordination and unanimity among the residence to finalize the decision of redevelopment. These vastu defects can be excessive heaviness, open space, slope or unholy structure.
A combination of vastu defects in North-West with South-East may lead to strong serious disputes, police matters and / or legal battle among the residents or among the contenders of redevelopment.
Vastu defects in South-East region leads to delay or obstacles in the redevelopment process. Lack of fire element, imbalance in heaviness, open space, slopes or presence of water body in this region can be a nature of vastu defects.
Similarly vastu defects in South-West like presence of water body heavy slope or cut in plot, having maximum open space or light weight structures in this region leads to strong hurdles or blockages in the process of redevelopment.
In project layout everything like the entrance gate, underground water tank, swimming pool, club house, position of building, gate, parking, electric sub-station, play area can be planned as per Vastushastra.
In the next phase of planning: designing floor plans of each house can well be planned as per Vastushastra with due respect to science of architecture, government bye-laws as well as all practical aspects of projects. These are taken into total consideration to make the house plan absolutely perfect.
There are proper guidelines of Vastushastra for demolition of old structure. One should start from North-East and proceed via North-West and south –East to end up in South-West. If followed this makes the work easy and faster.
Start from South-West proceed via South-East And North-West and end up in North-East. If followed under the supervision of well-learned and experienced vastu consultant, the progress of the project will be perfectly as per scheduled plans with total control over cost and completion of project.

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