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Six long years of Agony…

A company with pan-India presence renowned for quality had a real problem on hand. There were about 18 buildings in the plot and there was a balance FSI for 6 towers still unused due to various problems. Almost 6 years had passed and there was hardly any respite.

When the project details were opened to us the first point to be noted from Vastushastra point of view was that the entrance of the project was in WEST. This naturally means a lot of problems on various counts and also the progress is very slow. Another fact was that the Electric Substation had been erected in the NORTHWEST and thus the fire element was encroaching on the air element. There were also multiple cuts hampering the progress. With quite large buildings around in the NORTHWEST this direction had become heavier than the SOUTHWEST.

The fact that multiple vastu defects in the NORTHWEST always mean unrest from local inhabitants is multiplied with the effect that objections and queries from the Government authorities turn the project to litigation status.

In India, the Real Estate Industry works under strained circumstances where right from the disputes in land acquisition to the local, legal and Government problems hamper the work. All these problems according to VASTU are related to NORTHWEST and SOUTHWEST directions. These directions play a very vital role in completion of the project. Hence, one has to act early to rectify these problems through an expert Vastu Consultant.

One big tower of 17 floors was situated exactly on the Brahma Region of the plot. Under such circumstances, the project was evaluated as per Vastushastra. The proper and systematic remedial measures involving Yantras, Pyramids and Crystals were carried out. These remedial measures provided dramatic positive results resolving all the problems faced by the developer.

VASTURAVIRAJ analyzed the problem and also found a solution to the complete satisfaction of the developers. Today the FSI has been fully consumed and the developer has handed over the entire possession of the buildings building up his credibility. Thanks to Vastushastra that came as a sure rescue…

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