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Satyamev Jayate may not instantly solve the problem!


Satyamev Jayate may not instantly solve the problem! If you have any small baby in your family just think once . . .how stone hearten are “those people” . . .How They pay for their baby’s murder! Those babies who have not seen even a light . . .People Who Support Today’s Discussion In Satyamev Jayate please Share This ! We Can Actually Change The way Of Thinking. We can stop this exploitation against Baby Girls.Let It Flow All Over And Let The Cold Hearted Population Get This Thing On Their Mind That what They Are Doing Is A Serious Crime. And They Are Not Doing Any Good To The Society I Have My Thumb Up. Lets See How Many Support Us.

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  1. Rashmi

    i too am into this movement with your team.Greatest show ever made.VERY MUCH NEEDED in our country.Can you provide us with an email id of your team so that many such issues which we face across in the day-to-day life could also be brought into lime light.

    May 06, 2012 Reply

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