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Question and Answer I

Question: Does Astrology have more influence than Vastu on the progress and future of the persons in the house?
Y. K. Deshpande, Chembur

Answer: This is a very big issue and definitely needs a lot of space for an answer. However, in short one can say as follows:

Vastushastra is for a group of people staying in a home and affects each one equally, whereas Astrology is individually oriented.

  1. If you consider Vastu according to the Head of the family, then it may result in justice for one and injustice for another as everyone in the family is career oriented.
  2. Though some of the practitioners combining Vastu and Astrology claim that they consider the horoscopes of all the family members, this is definitely ambiguous. After the demise of the head of the family there will be chaos like ministerial cabins.
  3. Indian Vastushastra is highly comprehensive and takes care of all family members whether 80 year old or a newborn. Depending upon the age and hierarchy in the family and occupation, Vastushastra can surely take care of all the aspects perfectly and properly.
  4. Hence if you get the Vastushastra done perfectly, it will take care of all members of the family and in spite of all this if someone’s problem continues or persists, his individual case can should be studied astrologically as well.
  5. All the ancient texts by saints and sages have handled Vastushastra and Astrology separately. There is no need of mixing the two together.

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