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‘Pyramids’ are a gift of the Indian nation to the entire world. Pyramids are very precious and serve a variety of purposes. The use of the pyramids has been an integral part of our ancient civilization. Pyramids in different shapes have been used in the construction of various dwellings since ancient times in our country. As such the concept of pyramids is not new to us. Since early times, we have the presence of pyramids on top of spiritual or religious buildings, temples, churches, mosques, palaces

and even the cottages of sages. Even during ancient period, the roof of the cottages of hermits resemble a pyramid (four triangles placed together) with a narrow apex at the top and spread out at the base. The roof of the temple, palace or other royal dwellings resembles a pyramid with four or more even number of triangles joined together and tapering towards the top. In fact, pyramids were existent in India far earlier than the world famous Egyptian pyramids.

A pyramid is a combination of four triangles of perfect dimensions joined together at precise angles. The special shape of the pyramid absorbs the positive universal (cosmic) energy and stores the energy with high concentration at one third height from the apex. This energy confers a number of benefits. Basically, a pyramid generates only positive energy. Therefore, use of pyramid will give only beneficial results and will not produce any negative effects.

The discussion about the material from which the pyramid is made is redundant. This is because historically pyramids have been made of different substances or materials and their effectiveness and use has been found to be similar. The pyramids over the ancient temples or palaces were made of a mixture of stones, sand, lime, ash etc. The pyramids of Egypt were made of solid rock. Thereafter, over a period of time, pyramids have been constructed from various materials like wood, metals, iron, cement, concrete etc. However, the effect and benefits of all these pyramids have been found to be beneficial and in the same measure.

In the present times, the use of plastic pyramids has been found to be effective, durable, economical and useful in the rectification of vastu defects. Making a pyramid of iron, copper or any other metal through the medium of casting is expensive. Moreover, it is difficult to give identical shape and perfect dimensions to pyramids made of such metals. It is also difficult to place such pyramids under the flooring or to place it in a house in a specific manner or in particular numbers. Moreover, with the passage of time the metal undergoes natural changes and hence the effect of the pyramid also gets lost. According to Astrology, every planet has an effect on a particular metal. While absorbing the cosmic energy the special effect of the planet on the metal causes disturbances in such absorption resulting in disequilibrium in energy flow.  On the other hand, plastic pyramids, are uniform in shape, dimensionally accurate, cost effective and can be used anywhere in the vastu and even underground. They are extremely durable and do not undergo any change with time. Hence they give good results permanently.

The pyramids we at Vasturaviraj use for rectification of a vastu defect are of three layers. On the bottom layer, nine plates of nine small pyramids are glued on the hollow portion of the plate holding nine bigger pyramids. On this plate, a pyramid which will cover the entire plate is placed. In essence, the topmost layer will contain one big pyramid, the second layer will have nine medium sized pyramids and the final layer at the base will have 81 small pyramids. Thus a group of 91 small and medium pyramids will constitute one pyramid. Due to the use of pyramids in three layers as above, the process of filtration and absorption of cosmic energy takes place at three levels. The universal energy is distributed in the entire vastu through these small pyramids and assists in the eradication of vastu defects. Negative energy is released due to the imbalance in energy field caused by vastu deficiencies. But the positive universal energy absorbed by the pyramids destroys the negative energy and thereby reduces intensity of the vastu defect.

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