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Proceed with Caution!!!

While we go for buying a house for our family, we are almost trapped by the cleverly disguised words “VASTU COMPLIANT”. If you are just going by the word of the developer you are likely to be deceived. We need to caution you against such instances.

Recently, there were many Property Exhibitions in Mumbai, Thane, Pune and other places. When one asked a typical question about the name of the Vastu Consultant to a Developer exhibiting “VASTU COMPLIANCE” aspect heavily, the EXPO representative had no answer. Another one tamely replied that his architect knew about VASTU.

We have been committed to create the awareness about Vastu Science. As such we keep track of such projects and conduct studies on them. Analyzing some of these projects in deep, we found that the projects were not even up to the 33% limit set for any Vastu according to Vastu Science. By default, no Vastu can be less than 30% on an average. Another developer said that he had water and Road in the East. Is it not sufficient? Any one will understand that just one aspect cannot claim “VASTU COMPLIANCE”.

An established developer has a swimming pool in the center of his projects with buildings all around. This is a very serious VASTU defect with grave consequences. It is not easy to be a VASTU Consultant for any project. When we work as Consultants we provide a Certificate of “VASTU COMPLIANCE” but maintain all the drawings and maps of the project at our office for anyone to see. The commitments never allow us to be party to “Take the money but give a Certificate” strategy.

You are investing in the house as you are responsible for the well being and prosperity of your family. Do not get carried away by misleading titles such as VASTUSHREE, VASTUSIDDHI and VASTUPOORTI etc. The name alone does not make the project “VASTU COMPLIANT” in any way. It amounts to deceit and total cheating…

Hence take care…ask the name of the Vastu consultant…get the details…talk to him/her…check whether the remedial measures have been carried out by the developer…If VASTURAVIRAJ Certificate is provided to the project, we can show you all the drawings for the project as also the remedial measures carried out.

The going has become deceitful…tread carefully…

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