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Planning & Designing


Vasturaviraj has catered to 29,000+ satisfied clientele who have reaped the positive benefits of VastuShastra-centric planning & designing solutions across the nation. Dr. Raviraj, the founder of ‘Vasturaviraj’ embraces a Ph.D. in Vastushastra for Whole Systems Design and has been an environmental designer for over a decade, focusing on building homes and offices that support his clients’ fullest potential.


Today, Dr. Raviraj is acknowledged worldwide for his 17+ years of immense expertise in planning and designing environmental friendly structures. As a VastuShastra consultant, he has designed over 25,000 multi-family dwellings, millions of square feet of retail space and infrastructure for thousands of single-family homes.


At Vaturaviraj, we have developed a system based on the science of VastuShastra that balances the five elements & eight directions in new and existing structures. We cater to comprehensive Vastu Planning & Designing as well as deliver guidelines for all the processes from the selection of site to the construction of building along with orientation of rooms and the restrictions or passage of various natural elements like light, winds etc. The main goal of our Vastu Planning & Designing is to enhance health, wealth, prosperity, success and happiness.


Our methodical procedure in Vastu Planning and Designing consist of Selection of Plot/Site, Plot/Site visit & Analysis with corrective measures, Project layout, Floor plans, Interior layout and Remedial Measures for Vastu defects.