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Personality Development through Vastushastra

Vastushastra has a strong influence on every aspect of human life.  The practical events and experiences in an individual’s life bear ample testimony to this fact. In this chapter, we will discuss about the development of various qualities which enhance the personality of an individual and the impact of Vastushastra in molding the human personality.

Vastushastra is a science that synchronizes eight directions with the five elements.  Northeast region belongs to water element.  It signifies three important aspects viz. entrance, place for water and the abode of God.  In other words, the entrance or the living room, the placement of water and the abode of God in this direction is essential.  Any vastu incorporating the above features is considered ideal and progressive. Such a vastu contributes to increased flow of wealth, good health, academic progress of children and spiritual development of elderly people.  In short, such a vastu confers bountiful wealth, health and academic progress.  Success and fame inspires a person to work with renewed vigour and scale greater heights.  Many persons make sincere attempts and efforts.  But success may elude them.  However, the northeast direction can make a significant contribution to a person’s success.

Southeast or Agneya direction is the place of fire element.  Fire signifies energy while energy connotes motion or progress.  Properly installed fire element in a vastu helps in providing momentum to the success conferred by the northeast direction thereby ensuring integrated success.  All the obstacles are removed and the work proceeds smoothly.  Such a state of affairs gives a sense of real happiness to an individual in vocational life.  If the above aspect is blended with leadership qualities, decision making abilities and harmonious relations a person will experience the ultimate sense of joy.

Southwest is the region of earth element.  It is advisable to have more weight and also the master bedroom of the head of the family in this direction.  As per the principle of moment of inertia, higher the weight, greater is the force required for moving an object.  In other words, a heavy object has an increased level of stability.    Due to the earth element (heaviness), a master bedroom in the southwest direction provides stability and enhances the self confidence of the head of the family.  A person with adequate level of self confidence will be in a position to take quick and firm decisions.  During times of crisis in business or in family, this quality helps an individual to take decisions with composure and find a successful way out of the situation.  In short, southwest provides confidence, stability and timely decision making abilities.  This ultimately develops poise and leadership qualities.

The northwest or vayavya direction is the place of wind element.  The wind element helps in maintaining a pleasant environment, spread of fragrance and toning  up of  the communication.  Wind is always on the move and never static. The northwest direction helps in maintaining mutual harmony and enhancing inter personal relationships.  This naturally results in healthy atmosphere, increased efficiency, productivity and success.

Finally, the centre region of the vastu is the place of sky element.  The sky is all pervading and signifies vastness.  It is the binding force which holds all the other elements together.  Water flowing at shallow levels produces more noise than water at great depth.  Therefore, if the sky element in a vastu is not disturbed it provides intensity, perfection and maturity.

From the above discussion, it can be summed up that northeast confers progress and success.  Southeast gives acceleration to progress, southwest develops confidence, stability   and decision making qualities.  Northwest improves harmony, co-ordination and communication skills while the centre (sky element) offers maturity and depth.  It is, therefore, apparent that adherence to vastu principles enhances personality development and assures integrated progress.

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