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Parking as per Vastushastra

1.  The best location for parking is North West.  In ancient times, animals like horses, camels, elephants etc. were used for the purpose of transport and as per Vastushastra North West direction is recommended for the location of these transport animals.

2. Two wheelers can be parked in North East direction.

3. In factories, where heavy vehicles are queued up for lifting large quantity of materials, parking in South West direction is recommended.

4. It is beneficial if the vehicles are parked facing East or North.

5. One should desist driving long distances on the full moon/new moon days during high and low tides.  The moon not only impacts the ocean but also casts an effect on the blood circulation inside the body.  This may result in accidents.

6. Parking arrangement can be made in South East, South and West direction also.

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  1. Chandra Patel

    Hi I was student at Dadar in 2011 I have one Q for a school. In a 6 story building, this school is situated on the 5th floor. Original construction was up to 4 floors, 4 th floor being terrace. Later on they added 2 more floors, so now 6 th floor is the terrace. But while doing so it has created confusing situation. Partial Reading about the school: The portion allotted for the school is rectangular no cuts/extension at all. No “vidisha” N is almost straight line (about 5 degree leaning towards E) Entrance of the school is on N. There is a smaller, separate staircase between 4 & 5 floor which is in the N. Main Staircase for 1 to 4 th floor is on SE of the building. My Q is following In SE there is a small hall, which is about 4 feet higher than entire area. And under the same hall, there is a storage room which is about 8 steps lower than all other rooms. In the building this area is above staircase of the entire building (i.e.1 to 4 floor) Thus it becomes contradictory situation. If we see the hall above floor level it is +ve for NW & NE because it is higher than them, but at the same time it is vastu dosh, because SW becomes lower than SE. Same way when we see underground room it is +ve for SW but vastu dosh for NW & NE as it is lower than them. While doing remedies, should I consider them as Vastudosh and do the remedies? while doing so will I be disturbing the +ve ness of the area? what should be the remedies? There is a platform of about 4 feet high and 3X4 in a room adjacent to this hall, which is a room for admin head( #2 in the office). The principal said that even after extreme hard work, school is not able to produce good result. Once this school was among top 5 schools of Bombay is now reduced to almost 10% now. Pl. throw some light Chandra


    May 03, 2013 Reply

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