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North West direction (Wayavya)

This direction is between west and north at 45 degree as per the magnetic compass.

The North West direction has a lot of effect on interpersonal relationships friendliness and co-ordination.

According to Vastushastra it is advisable to have bedroom of elder son or guest room, study room, dining hall, toilet, storage, place for domestic animals, septic tank and staircase, grain store etc. in this direction.

In case of commercial premises the attractive display of goods or services to be sold or sales promotion materials should be kept in this direction.

The intensity and frequency of quarrels or differences of opinion is more if the kitchen or the master bedrooms in the North West.

There are chances of conflict among people living in a vastu where there is pit, water, underground water tank in the North West direction of that building.  This fault in the vastu may leads to court cases.

Extension is the North West creates problems in partnership business.

The defect in North West direction can create delay in government work.

There is less co-ordination and team spirit among people who are working in commercial or industrial premises with faults in North West direction.  The planning of any work becomes unsuccessful.  There is unrest and unpleasantness among the workers.

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