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Lord Kuber

Lord Kuber, also known as Kuvera is considered as the actual God of wealth, money and success in Indian mythology. He is the Lord of all treasures and the god’s treasurer. Kuber is also known as the God of Yakshas (savage beings). Kuber is the actual Lord of Riches in the Indian pantheon (Lakshmi being the goddess of fortune of which money is a great part). Kuber is worshipped as a God who protects and conserves wealth in a family. It is believed that worshiping Kuber idol regularly along with Kuber yantra ensures fast results and blesses the natives with prosperity, wealth and goodluck. He is the basis of gain of unlimited wealth and prosperity. According to ancient vedic books of Ramayana, Kuber made the Gold Lanka, which was taken by his brother Ravana. All ancient texts encourage the use of Kuber Sadhana for the gain of wealth. It is said that Lord Kuber blesses the Sadhak with material success and wealth. Our Vedas and ancient texts encourage the use of Kuber sadhana for the gain of wealth. It is believed that there are three main benefits form Kuber Sadhana. Firstly, when Lord Kuber is pleased, he blesses the devotee with material success and wealth. Secondly, there are increased chances of getting wealth unexpectedly and suddenly. Thirdly, no matter how much one spends money keeps flowing in, provided the wealth is used for constructive purposes and not for destructive or antisocial activities. Kuber Sadhana is short and simple but its effects are amazing if one tries it with true belief and faith.

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