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You are already aware that VASTURAVIRAJ has announced VISHWAKARMA REAL ESTATE AWARDS as a public movement.

The response has been tremendous and we would like to thank all those aspiring establishments for sending us their information.

As the AWARDS NIGHT comes closer, we would like to take this opportunity to request all those who have not yet considered to be eligible for this prestigious AWARD to send in their information at the earliest.

The idea behind these AWARDS is to honor the modern Vishwakarmas. The Awards will be presented for Mumbai, Pune and remaining parts of Maharashtra areas. The awards for Housing Projects would be in 5 categories. These would be 1. Best project internal layout, Planning and designing 2. Best architect (Designing) 3. Best developers 4. Best Interior Designer 5. Special Award for Social contributions…

The Awards for the Best project, Best Developers and Best architect categories would be given in TWO categories of 1. Up to 50,000 sq. ft. and  2. More than 50,000 sq, ft. All the structures below 50,000 sq. ft will be considered for the Award so that a maximum of the professional from the field across Maharashtra would be able to participate. The Awards will consider all recognized aspects of construction instead of just going by the adherence to Vastu principles.

You have a little bit more time to get more information about these AWARDS and the terms and conditions for participation. Just get in touch at 022-67847600 or log in at You could also log on to website



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