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Invoke the Power of Wealth & Prosperity through Spiritual Yantras…

In the world today everyone is running after the wealth and prosperity. Whatever he earns is either stored in a safe or in the Pooja place most of the time. Under the aegis of VASTUSHASTRA, the most productive and beneficiary power centers have been SHREE YANTRA and KUBER YANTRA.

With Lord Vishnu, the head of the family in the form of Krishna or Balaji omnipresent in our Pooja place, overseeing the benefits with wife Mahalaxmi and son Kubera, you can be sure of the prosperity and stability on all counts. The whole family will be instrumental in bringing you the benefits of riches and stability.

The ancient sages from India have hailed SHREE YANTRA as the King of the Yantras or “Yantraraaj”, and truly so because of the immense benefits the same bestows on the holder.

The word “SHREE” is dedicated to the Adishakti. Which is the origin and combination of THREE powerful deities namely Mahakali – destroyer of demonic and evil powers, Mahalaxmi – provider of finance and fame and Mahasaraswati the deity that bestows academic and spiritual progress.

While we strive for a life without obstacles, complete with luxury and satisfaction, the worship of SHREE YANTRA can provide us everything that we desire.

The YANTRAS have been known as the POWER CENTERS of the deities and establishment of these within our abode or workplace ensures flow of positive energies to fulfill our desires. The YANTRAS need to be ritualized and charged properly by experts for bringing the absolute positive results.

These YANTRAS can be fruitfully installed during the auspicious NAVRATRI or MAHALAXMI PUJAN day of Deepawali. The energies are further enhanced when ancient prayer verses such as Shreesuktam, Mahalaxmi Mantra and Laxmi Gayatri Mantra is recited during installation and afterwards.

SHREEYANTRA bestows immense positive powers for wealth and prosperity. However the exponential growth expected by us could be only achieved through additional powers of LORD KUBERA. Lord Kubera is in charge of the wealth accumulation in the heavens and is one of the sons of Goddess Laxmi. Thus a SHREE YANTRA and KUBERA combination brings dual benefits of prosperity and stability.

These properly ritualized YANTRAS are brought to you by VASTU experts of repute VASTURAVIRAJ. For all the various forms of these Yantras, you could visit our website for further details.

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