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Influence of Vastushastra on Human Life

Vastushastra influences each and every aspect of human life, whether it is personal or family matters and also with business and social life.

The first and foremost expectation of human being is about WEALTH.  Which is influence by the direction of main entrance door as well as the position of treasury.

  • STABILITY AND GROWTH OF WEALTH  is more governed by proper placement of fire element in SE as well as Northwest.
  • For ACADEMIC PROGRESS & HEALTH it is the vastushastra guide lines associated with North east region govern this aspect
  • South east region is considered as Female Power Centre in other words well-being of female members in family.  Along with accelerating the growth and progress is the important effect of Southeast region.  Controlling un-productive expenses and minimizing the obstacles are also benefits we ensure from vastushastra of Southeast  region.
  • Vastushastra of Northeast Region ensures progress on 3 important fronts of human life viz wealth inflow, academic progress and health.
  • Vasthshastra of Southwest region ensures overall stability to human life it may be Financial, Social and Personal.  Development of leadership attributes along with skills of organization control and management is another very important effect of vastushastra on human life in other words it is also know as male power centre.
  • Vastushastra guide lines about Northwest region helps predominantly in relationship and communication at the same time proper co-ordination and harmony among the family members or people at work place cab be ensured perfectly.
  • Vastushastra arrangement in central (Brahma) region act like binding force in human life.  It ensures proper balance between your plans and its implementation, their by synchronise all factors of human life properly.

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