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Importance of Vastu

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao (P.hD), Chairman & Founder, Vasturaviraj group


There are a number of important forces which tend to influence human lives and ‘Vastushastra’ is one of such important force. Vastushastra is the implementation of ancient doctrines, in the internal structure and decoration of a building when it is being built. These ancient doctrines and principles constitute the VastuShastra.

The Universe consists of five fundamental elements. These are the Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and the entire universe or the Sky.
The entire Universe is made up of the five elements and eventually merges in these elements. Every substance utilised to develop a building is important. The sun and its rays, and also the cosmic energy emanating from the planets, the ‘gravitational force’ of the earth are mutually related to the direction. As a result, they also influence the building where we live.

In short, Vastushastra is the science that synchronises a balance between human life and nature. The five basic elements, the eight directions, the electro-magnetic and the gravitational force of the earth, the cosmic energy emanating from the planets as well as the atmosphere and their influence on human life have all been taken into consideration in the Vastushastra and a tuneful confluence of nature and human life has been brought about.


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