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How To Handle a Dowsing Pendulum

The pendulum should be tied to a string of approx. 6 to 9 inches in length. The end of the string should be held gently with the thumb and index finger.  After holding the pendulum gently as above,  the question should be addressed to Pendulum in such a manner that an answer will be elicited  which should be either  ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  The Pendulum gives an answer to such a question through certain special movements.

  • When the movement of the pendulum is circular &  “Clockwise” it indicates a positive (affirmative) answer to the question.
  • When the movement of the pendulum is circular &  “Anti Clockwise” it indicates a negative  answer to the particular question.
  • When the movement of the pendulum is not circular but from the top to bottom and vice versa in long swings it indicates a positive reply  to some  extent to  the question.
  • When the motion of the pendulum is from i)  left to right or ii) right to left or iii) from top to bottom in a linear direction, it is indicative of a negative reply to the question.
  • When the pendulum remains still without any movement it is indicative of the fact that the pendulum is not inclined to answer the particular question.

The state of the mind and the body is of vital importance during the process of Dowsing. A pleasant state of mind should be maintained during Dowsing.  One should be emotionally stable, should not be sick, suffering from any ailments, tired, seized with any mental tension or extremely happy while performing Dowsing.

Absolute cleanliness should be ensured and one should maintain a pleasant disposition while practicing  Dowsing. Just prior to the commencement of ‘Dowsing’ one  should offer prayers for a few  minutes, eliminate all the thoughts from the mind and   maintain a calm mental  disposition.  After holding the Pendulum in proper position, the question should be visualized mentally with closed eyes and the process of Dowsing should commence subsequently.


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