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House with a Pecuilar Shape

At times, houses are designed in peculiar shapes to enhance the ambience. Today, we will discuss about a residence with such an unusual shape. In this house, the entrance and the duct for lift are in Southwest. Living room extends from Southwest to South. These aspects have resulted in five major vastu defects in this direction. Such features are likely to affect the stability and tranquility of the house adversely.
The core centre (Brahmasthana) is outside the constructed area. There are major cuts in all the seven directions except West. The position of master bedroom is also negative. As a result, chaos and financial instability will be predominant in such a residence.
While purchasing a new house, it should be ensured that basic principles of Vastu are not ignored. However, if a person already occupies a residence with serious vastu defects the situation can be redeemed only through special vastu remedial measures without any demolition.
In the present case, timely vastu remedial measures were taken by using pyramids, yantras crystals, etc. As a result, in spite of the major vastu deficiencies, the house could be made 95% positive. The family is now happy and satisfied.

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